22 December 2008


Card party coming January 8.

School starts in weeks and I've already emailed my professors

I head to Arizona mid January.

I'm fleshing out my new year's resolutions

I am still having dance parties

I made my first ugly sweater, I should be selling it to Anthropologie!
This past month I have been horrible at returning phone calls

I miss the sun
The sun misses me.

I eaten alot of blessed citrus this season

I am needing more of something which I have yet to figure out..

I need a good movie referral


It's Me...shell said...

That's a fun list. Have you seen Lars and the real girl? it's random and weird, but it cute. I enjoyed it . Plus, it's fun for Christmas time. Also this isn't a movie but you need to look into Chuck if you haven't already. It's great. go forth and rent the first season.

Jackie said...

A- LOVE the ugly sweater....where do I buy one?!?! You should start a fashion line...Jenthropology!
B- TWILIGHT....a must see.
C- Card Party will rock.
D- The sun and I are in the same perdicament.
E- Resolutions...what's that? Never keep em....ever. Maybe Keeping them should be my new resolution...ha ha.
F- keep searching.....it's just around the corner

Luke and Erin said...

I like your sweater. And the fact that you made it makes it even better!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me....what does "card party" mean and more importantly, what does it mean to me?

carmar76 said...

I second the Chuck recommend. It's a fab & fun show!

You'll have plenty of sun in AZ!

Happy Christmas! Love the photos, very bright! : )