26 January 2009


I have 18 days to flesh out 6- 12 pieces of Art for the Bachelors of Fine.
my blogging will be limited due to this deadline.
I can try to photograph my progress and post it here and there until then.
But I am alive and quite "happyily" Progressing.

I'm heading back to Arizona in 3 weeks so the deadline really needs to be executed well.
On another note, I wanted to grow my hair, but i always cut it. i thought this might help.

My sister Hollie did it. no she is a not a stylist or hairdresser.. beauty school drop out.. that can do ANYTHING...

I hope you are well.. After the art application for school, i want to practice taking pictures so let me know "what's up"

More to Come on the crush as well


Katie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair!!! Excited for crush updates! Is that what the trip to AZ is for?!? :)

ms said...

Wow - I haven't seen your hair long in years - exciting! It looks great, tell Hollie good job.

Fausett Family said...


Amy said...

Oh, you look sexy!!! (whistles)

Luke and Erin said...

Looks great!

Cami said...

I LOVE the hair. It is so wierd to not see you sister missionary-ish. Is that a word? I mean that in a good way. ;) Now you are sexy! Missionaries can't be sexy, right?