01 November 2013

You will live on in the hearts of men, constantly

I wrote you an email today. Because my heart missed you. I couldn’t actually finish the email. so I just hit send and sat there for a minute.

How is heaven? You don’t visit me as much anymore and I can only imagine you are busy in the spirit world.
 My little brother introduced this song to me and it sounded like the eighties so I put it on replay for a couple years… I mean minutes.

It was the only natural to repeat it and re live it as often as possible.
It reminded me of you and I wondered if you would like the guy I have a crush on.

He is a good one, its early still but he has a really loving heart like you. There is a sense of empathy you gave me, now, 
I carry it

With me and I pay it forward whenever I can.
I just wanted to tell you that I love you and miss you and that love and missing you helps me to love others.

 I can’t think of a
Greater gift you gave me than your heart. 

I hope to grow a sensitivity to people like you.

Miss you.