11 April 2009

Eggs In Glory and Perfection

I get on to update my status. and nothing even comes to mind, but it is because I started writing more in other places, like sketch books and such, which you will all see very very soon.

So in the mean time, enjoy what I have been enjoying

and have a happy easter

It's probably my favorite hoilday.

Because it is an creative outlet and even celebrates The Savior's Resurrection!

My grandma passed away while I was serving in Tempe. The day I found out, I was asked by the Mesa Temple to volunteer and testify of the resurrection. My grieving was healed through serving.

For it was a bitter moment that allowed me to really progress.

Neal A Maxwell: " Life is not intended to be lived in a idyllic Eden. Spiritual submissiveness includes our acceptance of the Ups and Downs of Life."

A egg is perfection in shape, for it has no end and no beginning, and so it is with us in our life, as we strive to become like the Savior.

We too can be molded in ways that are natural and conducive to the light and knowledge Heavenly Father has prepared for us.

06 April 2009


conference was revelatory and perfect as always.