18 September 2009

I'm quite surprised by my level of happiness right now.... 18 credits isn't too bad..

Can I do it?

Do they do I can do it?

Will i?

Will i ever?

I always wonder

12 September 2009

One dollar cards

09 September 2009

SAving for Peru

I am having considering courses in Peru this summer.
The Weber State Art Department is heading up a
study aboard in Peru. I think between the headbands and photography, we, yes, we,, okay, I ,
I can make it happen.

So I put these together as greetings cards.
More to come

I'm earning money!

$1.00 each

07 September 2009

WEEK 7 in review


02 September 2009

WEEK 6 in review

this semester I am doing 18 credits.
The weeks in review may be very short, brief.

Sadly, I will miss you all in a blogspot way, but I am setting up some events
in other avenues. Plus i have many photos to post.