31 August 2011

10 rules, its a fast read.

I just found out I'm related to Thomas Edison:
He says: There is always a better way.
Some of you know

I move away from 
Ogden Proper
Weber County

one of my going away/birthday presents 
was a book from Rachel LeNeve Artistry.

She knows the way to my heart is 

high end fake eye lashes and spiritual power.


And so it came to pass that i just finished:
That ye may 

The back jacket talks about humbling people.

so I am certain she thought it would be perfect for me.

She giggled aloud as she read the back to me.

So I tackled it. and came up with the

Jenny Hansen RULES of prospering,
foreword by the Holy Ghost, I hope. and pray.

1. Find ample time to express yourself to the Lord.
2. We only have one shot here at life, YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF and your creator to use your talents.
3. Remember you have the capacity to grow independently from your own personal experience, and its kind of a right, passage and responsibility.
4. action is always, always better than thinking about action.
5. Study the life of those that have succeeded in your eyes.
6. Faith is about exceeding boundaries you have set for yourself... I recently got "played" by a guy. and I lived by this. I put my faith OUT THERE!!! then he made the biggest mistake of his life..hehe.. seriously, having faith gives you the ability to make choices and place yourselves in positions that are GOOD..even if the outcome isn't ideal.. growth comes.
7. We need resistance to get stronger.
8. If we don't push ourselves, how can we feel God pushing us or helping us?
9. THERE IS SUCH A THING AS ROUTINE BLESSINGS.. D&C says so..i.e. Heavenly Father
10. Focus on what makes you look good to Heavenly Father and not to any one else.

This has been a special broadcast from Cos Cob, CT
(stepping off Soap box)

Jenfolio, the artist formally as Jenny, who was formally know as J.lee who was formally known as Jennifer,
who will also be "sister hansen" 

29 August 2011

My Favorite EASE

I had full intentions of reading the Word
and then slipping into bed
and some thoughtful inception dream.
But i read something in Helaman 12

Do you see that inside the word increase is the word ease?
Essentially this scripture teaches us that when we increase and prosper, we are often led to 
thank the lord and then to sit back.

But what about all the people who are always uneasy? does this scripture, this principle apply to them.

sometimes i never feel at ease.

Death is our Universal Heritage and I'm alive.

I can't sleep. 
I'm trying to train my body to this new time zone.
And I just finished texting a "boy" who was a "man" before the conversation 

and so you know what I did.
I started comparing him to you.
in my mind after I turned off my phone and unplugged it.
And that isn't really that fair.
but it was honest. 
and I am trying to align those two things.
Fairness and Honesty.
You would understand that. You were my best friend for so long.
I visited cemeteries much more before you passed away.
And I lay here thinking...
and I can't sleep in this new home of mine, so I'm left thinking of you.
And I'm okay. I'll always miss you.
but tonight, its a little teeny tiny bit worse.

Dig me deep in the ground

cause i want to be close to you
you sleep like you'll never wake up
and i know, cause i'm dreaming too

dig you deep in the ground
cause you want to grow tall like we do
but you're roots are tying you down
and i know, cause i'm tied down too

When you have two feet on the ground
don't grow up, grow down
even when i sleep, 
i'm listening to my heartbeat
to tell me, i'm alive

i dug you out of the ground
cause apart of me died, when you died too
and you said time is all that we have
and i know, cause it's true.

President Monson said:

I'm grateful for life.
 for experiences
 for emotions that are so dark, 
I feel more alive.

Life isn't perfect, and thats okay too.

Have an awesome day. and be sure to get much accomplished before noon.

28 August 2011

Dear Tropical Storm Irene,
Pluto was demoted too, but we still remember him.
Sincerely, Jenny 
p.s. church is cancelled, which should be the greatest of all flattery.

27 August 2011

The Energy of Readiness

I turn to music alot, and I feel like it speaks to me as well.

Here is one to you, Miss Hurricane Irene!

25 August 2011

Still reaching

How do you feel about a good stretch?

It's when you place yourself in a situation that is somewhat comfortable and somewhat vulnerable,
and you progress... and if you keep doing it... it gets better and better..

And that is one way to fill the measure of your best self, of your potential,

more importantly, of who you WANT TO BE AND BECOME..

still reaching.

17 August 2011

All mothers are super heroes too.

10 August 2011

Let's talk about Depression, or at least what I know about it.

Depression defined:

Depression is a common mental disorder that presents with depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy, and poor concentration.

I have experienced loss of interest with plenty of things.

I have felt guilt and even low worth.

I have not been diagnosed by a Dr.

and I dont take any medicine, except vitamin gummies

and viactiv (its for calcium and looks and taste like a tootsie roll)

I would say we all feel many of these emotions.

I literally believe that Creation curbs depression, 
or at least weakens it.
When we do new things, and create, it's stimulating.

It changes "things" in our brain.

view original source at the bottom to see the video.

It was a great time, with a great friend of mine.

We met as fellow art students, so when we get together, its pure fun and creating new things.

Let us ponder this principle to make sense of the previous comment:

I think we just need to feed our brain more good things:

09 August 2011

It's about listening to what is real.

I woke up this morning and started it the most normal way.
I check my messages from my phone in bed.
I let my dog out.
I knelt in pray and then I logon on to facebook. haha.

And I was completely humbled, when I found this.

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post about who I am.

I feel like I know spiritually.

But there is this huge gap I wonder about.

What and Who will I become when I grow up..

Most of these thoughts in my mind tell me,
that it is my choice...
and so I need to make the right,
more best choice.

So when I read this post above, all I can think about was this wonderful woman.
I met her as I started my mission in Eagar, AZ.

She was quiet and strong and in tune with the spirit. She has suffered adversity in the darkest of ways,
yet, she remained available to lift others and support her family.

As I thought about her words, so many of my own came to my mind.. along with some quotes from apostles.

The two following ideas, coupled with my passion to create, have helped me find a path. kinda

  I would say to this woman of faith of Northern Arizona, 
you followed a prompting to share this with me. 
Thank you.
I have struggled to know where I fit in the Fine Art world,
 for I am quite sensitive spiritually,
 but I love creating.
 I struggle to fit into the Wedding Industry too,
 for I don't have the full passion
 to become the
 best photography or videographer
 for those types of events.

But if you place me in a home,
 with a family that tries their best to love. 
That struggles to remember the huge picture, 
I feel best fit. 
What type of a career does this leave me? 
I honestly am  un sure 
because the first thoughts that come to my mind is
That I belong in motherhood, 
but as I remember I don't have a husband, 
and thus far I have just been trying
 to create my own home, 

And as I have recognized this, 
I have been so blessed to drop everything to be
 in Arizona with 5 or 6 families.
 and here in Utah, I spend plenty of 
time with new little young families.

Because I don't partake in my own motherhood or wifehood yet,
does not mean I cannot enjoy the blessings of families.

For this is what I strive to accomplish artistically.

08 August 2011

My Grandfather

My grandfather always said:
"I will know I was a good father by the way my grandchildren turn out."

I think about this often, and always want to keep the honor

to my grandfather.

When he passed away, we were sad, yet not alone.

We only lived a couple blocks from him, so we visited him often.

He was a man of honor, so when his funeral came, early that morning, we picked up Roxy from her mission:

Then headed to the funeral..

The day was filled with a spirit of sacrifice that lives in our hearts and minds today:

Dear Grandpa, you did great!

We carry your legacy.

(view original post for videos)

07 August 2011

Who Am I.

August Visiting Teaching Highlights.

To do and be.

06 August 2011


Dad, Mom, Hollie

 trevor, shellie, roxy, me, hollie
 Me and hollie

it's an overwhelmingly good feeling, 
when I think about how perfect my family is... 
Perfect meaning...
each one is meant to be
Completing our family.

and for the siblings not in the photos, 
we seriously talked about 
you all the time 
at the dinner table.

Everyone was seated for the prayer, and someone would say:

and we always were.

and then we waited patiently for our mother to have 8 kids in 11 years.

until we got this one:

And its crazy how much this little guy has completed our family. Yes we waited for a boy for a long time.... and then we got him and we dressed him up as a girl.

I love you Alex.


And I'm sorry if you feel like I'm hard on you, or overbearing spiritually.
I just want the best for you.

We are so excited for tomorrow.

Congratulations on your court of honor.

Our family was not complete or perfect until we had you.

05 August 2011

Its friday