29 August 2011

Death is our Universal Heritage and I'm alive.

I can't sleep. 
I'm trying to train my body to this new time zone.
And I just finished texting a "boy" who was a "man" before the conversation 

and so you know what I did.
I started comparing him to you.
in my mind after I turned off my phone and unplugged it.
And that isn't really that fair.
but it was honest. 
and I am trying to align those two things.
Fairness and Honesty.
You would understand that. You were my best friend for so long.
I visited cemeteries much more before you passed away.
And I lay here thinking...
and I can't sleep in this new home of mine, so I'm left thinking of you.
And I'm okay. I'll always miss you.
but tonight, its a little teeny tiny bit worse.

Dig me deep in the ground

cause i want to be close to you
you sleep like you'll never wake up
and i know, cause i'm dreaming too

dig you deep in the ground
cause you want to grow tall like we do
but you're roots are tying you down
and i know, cause i'm tied down too

When you have two feet on the ground
don't grow up, grow down
even when i sleep, 
i'm listening to my heartbeat
to tell me, i'm alive

i dug you out of the ground
cause apart of me died, when you died too
and you said time is all that we have
and i know, cause it's true.

President Monson said:

I'm grateful for life.
 for experiences
 for emotions that are so dark, 
I feel more alive.

Life isn't perfect, and thats okay too.

Have an awesome day. and be sure to get much accomplished before noon.