29 June 2011

My friend Grief, He introduced me to Empathy, she is awesome

Some people say that
 one day this pain will all make sense.
I feel otherwise, 
for it seems my pain has carried me 
to beautiful places in my life.
But there was a shift 
And it didnt happen all at once, yet it happened, and probably faster for me than others.
When the initial pain started, you know,
The moment grief knocked on my door,
I let it in, I let him stay.
He became someone who listened to all my broken heart thoughts and emotions.
He was there each and every
single morning, early afternoon, and night.
He never left me alone, even when I felt alone,
even when I wanted to be alone.
there he was.
Our relationship grew and Grief started teaching me things.
He taught me the truest opposition of Happiness.
He taught me to do things.
Some of you know have your own friend named, Grief.
Sometimes I felt like Grief was trying to
 lower the quality of my life.
But I've always tried to understand my friends, and since we were
one on one so often, I began to hold a genuine love for him
As I got to know Grief, He introduced me to Empathy.

I had heard about Empathy alot, but had never met her.
Her twin sister is super popular, Sympathy.
They aren't identical twins, but seemingly,
people get them mixed up so often.
I have seen people in all honesty calling Sympathy, Empathy, when
clearly it was not her.

I don't think Empathy and I would have ever of met if I hadn't of became so close with Grief.
And I had ran into Grief a couple brief moments in my life,
once, I was bed ridden and I couldn't walk for three months, and Grief, laid there silently, as I watched 
Youve got mail on repeat, via VHS,
 so the fact that we became so close so fast was natural.

Empathy helped me feel
about life, or mortality.

Empathy taught me different avenues to 
pursue to 
bear the burdens of others. 
This is Empathy's strongest attribute, 
so I have come to understand 
that becoming like Empathy,
 it may take light years.
But its worth it to me.
For when you chose your friends, I believe 

I'm grateful for my friends that teach me so much.
I thought about them this week as I was running the along the trails in the East bench of Ogden.

My relationship to Grief can become overwhelming some times, and that is natural as well.
For instance, as I ran I thought about our universal friend
and when we think of our lovely friend Love, we know it as such a motivating force but on this morning this thought came to my mind:

"Why did he have to die, I loved him so much."

In my mind, I thought for a moment that love could be so powerful that it could ask death to submit to it.

This profound thought lead me to some where else.


and I wanted my love to swallow it whole.

And then I thought about the Atonement.
The sacrifice that Christ made, which enables me to overcome death at some point in my existence.


There she was, LOVE, doing her thing...

Allowing us to return to HIS presence.
Allowing us to love so stinking hard it hurts
Allowing us to do the greater things for those that can't do it for themselves.

I love LOVE, she has been good to me and
yes she is female.

23 June 2011

22 June 2011

HAIRCUT from MAMMOTH on Vimeo.

Thanks Amy

and thank you Mammoth

21 June 2011

17 June 2011

irreversible growth: Preview "PLAN D"

irreversible growth: Preview "PLAN D"

16 June 2011

It's empty in the valley in your heart

15 June 2011

off the edge of me he ran

14 June 2011


"An important key is turned when we go through the formality of stating our desires to Him
who can grant them."

-Boyd K. Packer

11 June 2011

Hair works

I'm started a new project... It includes hair and time and love.

stay tuned.

10 June 2011


08 June 2011

07 June 2011