26 January 2009


I have 18 days to flesh out 6- 12 pieces of Art for the Bachelors of Fine.
my blogging will be limited due to this deadline.
I can try to photograph my progress and post it here and there until then.
But I am alive and quite "happyily" Progressing.

I'm heading back to Arizona in 3 weeks so the deadline really needs to be executed well.
On another note, I wanted to grow my hair, but i always cut it. i thought this might help.

My sister Hollie did it. no she is a not a stylist or hairdresser.. beauty school drop out.. that can do ANYTHING...

I hope you are well.. After the art application for school, i want to practice taking pictures so let me know "what's up"

More to Come on the crush as well

22 January 2009

Updated again

Let me know if you need permission to view these updated blogs

1- for the paper course I'm teaching
2- For the attention stuff

21 January 2009

Less Hungry steal thirsty


18 January 2009

the temple sealing was so neat.

I visted converts in Northern Arizona.

I UPDATED THAT ONE BLOG,, the extra attention one

16 January 2009

True affection

The dirt here has never smelt so good.

The air has never felt so soft.

Why do I live in Utah?

It's a complete smile out loud here in Arizona.

The dusty streets from lack of rain, I feel so empathic for them. I am feeling maybe I should devote my life to them here in Tempe.

I'm alone here and alive as ever!

11 January 2009

FAVOR... I WANT IT...in my own eyes

We set goals when we are feeling need to improvement. We change the food we eat and we may even speed up the pace we walk. Amongst these changes we strive for our potential to increase. Amongst these changes we have our exemplar that grew in light and knowledge as he aged. Line upon line.
We can't lose 20 pounds unless we prepare to lose 2. It may sound crazy but the Savior grew in stature as He exercised obedience. So it is with resolutions, our obedience and commitment to the goals will give us success.
Secret, through efforts of obedience I have sinned and fallen short, repented and try again.

The biggest lose we give ourselves is giving up.
There were four categories the Savior progressed in and I choose to follow those:

Grow in Wisdom

1- Keep a zero balance on line of credit and credit cards.
a. must have a list of what I need on paper before going to the store.
b. weekly listing needs and wants and discussing the importance of each with anyone interested.

2- Plan for the BFA application FEB. 18. 6-12 pieces.
a. consider all work created and prepare myself emotionally to be critiqued
b. Be willing to go to professors for advice.
c. Keep a notebook or camera to keep ideas of new creative ideas.

3- Continue clothing fast- maybe trade clothes with others.
a. Pick out outfits more to eliminate the need for clothing.
b. organize fabric and patterns and begin sewing projects.

4- Read The Kolob Theorom, Jesus the Christ, The Great Apostasy, Broken Things to Mend, 7 others, 12 for the year.
a.accomplished by Sunday schedule

5-Keep a daily journal in a organized manner
a. Record resolution goals to keep track,, and naturally words will be written.

Grow in Stature

1-Eat veggies everyday and focus on getting them in for breakfast.
a. get to know vegetables and how my body respond.
b. try all veggies availbable to me in this region.

2-Lose 2 lbs. a week by eating green and water. unless BMI weight is met.
a. 2.2 liters of water

3- Learn home repairs
a.new window for bathroom
1- save money
b.new sliding glass door

Favor with God

1-Read the scriptures twice daily
a. plan time for specific studying.
1- read, ponder, pray, repeat.

2-Pray at least twice daily on my knees, out loud
a. plan time

3-Fast for 24 hours during fast Sunday.
a. expand the reasons for fasting

4-Memorize more scriptures
a. any referrals?

5-Plan out sundays so I dont sit around

6-Attend the temple twice a month - ward temple night + initiatory

Favor with Man

Send thank you cards once a week- Sunday activity

Get updated contact info on ALL my converts and have monthly contact with them…. Prefer physical letters

10 January 2009

cArD PaRtY

Target may start stealing Amy's design.

Watch out Martha Stewart... Here comes Jackie Malan

The card party was really fun but it didnt really have alot to do with cards, yes we switched them but it is just always good being about to catch up.

So the next card party is Feb. 11 Wednesday night 7:00p.m. at my house again.

The theme is Valentines and even St. Patricks if you feel inclined to do so. I think it would be fun to try and give out all the Valentine cards we receive before that big day rolls around.

RSVP with me.

If you havent been and what to come let me know

05 January 2009







01 January 2009

09 check it

The resolution list is coming..........Be excited!