22 January 2009

Updated again

Let me know if you need permission to view these updated blogs

1- for the paper course I'm teaching
2- For the attention stuff


Tallialli said...

Hmmm, I think I'd like access to the extra attention blog. :)


Crabb Family said...

me too! seattlegirl1082@yahoo.com

Luke and Erin said...

How do you keep up with so many? I only have one and that is enough!

dnlcaldwell said...

jenny - Liz Caldwell here! Tara gave me your blog. We miss you girl! I hear MAren had her baby and is moving back to Arizona this week. Any chance we could hook up and see her before she leaves? Missed you at Christmas! Love, Liz
I don't have a blog so email me at dnl.caldwell@gmail.com thanks

Aspen Garfield said...

Hey thanks for giving me your address, mine's garfieldfour.blogspot.com but it's private so if you want to email me at aspengarfield@gmail.com I'll send you an invite. :)