22 August 2008


So I came face to face with one of my blog stalker.... okay, probably my only blog stalker.

I must tell you, going private with your blog really decreases the chances of unique new friendships, and a whole wide internet related world of other people's information, and inspiration in general.

I wasn't even scared when she confessed to me that she knows me in layers like an onion, when everyone else just knows the things I chose to voice. 

Over all I was excited, she was very polite and friendly and could add to our conversation a sense of relatedness, because not only had she read my blog but recommended it to others....

So on her behalf I want to invite all of you stalkers, bloggers, friends of blogger or friends of stalkers, (which you all are if you are friends with me! sorta sorry) to read my most favorite post I have ever stalked and I don't care if you leave comments of my post or not... but if you read her post, let me know on a scale of one to ten, one being HATED IT and TEN being LOVED IT,,, how you felt.

I wanted to write my own post about blogging but after reading hers, my concern is resolved.

I've been less stalk like, or have become even creepier, because I even left my mark, I posted a comment on hers...

20 August 2008


Remember a post about the Hess foundation and kids with Cancer, WE SHOULD ALL RUN/WALK THIS, I am already volunteering at it, but you can run on the parkway before anyone drives on it!!!

WAY LESS COMMITAL Than a card party?!

16 August 2008

NiNe DaYs

School starts in 9 days for me and I haven't even been pencil box shopping. It's interesting how our priorities shift as we age, but I'm not talking about the pencil box, I still use those in my major.

I stopped running and when I say I stopped running I mean I haven't ran for at least two weeks. It's funny how we confess things to the internet.

The highlight of my week was taking my nanny girls school shopping ( because I am not buying clothes for a whole year, I get my fixed this way). It is fun for me to help others accesorize and such, plus I learned tons about wardrobes from my dillards days, I even have books about the essential pieces of clothing you need as staples... I know.. I know... YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW but maybe I'll post a couple items.

Old Navy is having a temp SALE on all their kids clothes 40% Super fun items.!

14 August 2008


09 August 2008



07 August 2008

current photo activity

I hope you guys are doing good.

I finished my summer finals

This is Marci, expecting Leila Jade Barker in September

Hollie and Anna Cute as ever, almost my entire family played soccer at Jaycee park, intense.

My favorite tree in my neighborhood.
It's interesting the little things you miss when you are away.
I never missed this tree but I know I never will because I took a photo of it.
I saw Meghan McMickell @ Amy's house, that made me feel pretty special.

03 August 2008

28th time is a charm

I met James Bradley, he wrote the book Flag of our Fathers. Its about the men in the photograph and how he lived with one his whole life, never understanding why everyone thought his father was a hero. He never knew until after his father's death at which point, he research and recovered priceless information about the six men in the photo.

the most famous photograph of World War II - Joe Rosenthal's shot of six soldiers on February 23, 1945, raising the stars and stripes on a steel pipe atop Mount Suribachi on the sulfur-sanded, Japanese Pacific island of Iwo Jima (transl. Sulfur Island).
He went to 27 publishers before the 28th said yes. It was amazing to feel of his spirit and learn of eternal truths that teach us anything is impossible. I'm reading it now along with Mormon Scientist.