31 March 2008

and Tinkerbell

At a later time you may be introduced to her amazing dance skills, Shellie and I taught her our F.H.E. moves... Priceless

Backyard Things

Well as you all know I am rounding the corner at Weber, set back by a untransferable freshman year, a couple surgeries, bed ridden semesters, and a glorious mission. Currently I have given my shoe selling skills a backseat or more less traded them in to stimulate my homemaking skills. Being a nanny is wonderous..ly amusing? It's fun, I really enjoy photographing life and they love it too. So they have gotten to know the Nikon and I am able to focus on school. My Dinner preparation has improved and I am using my bartering skills more than I used In Europe.

18 March 2008

Seven Things You May or May Not know about Jenny Hansen.

If the title didn’t spell it out, I’ve been tagged. The only difficult part about this is the person that tagged me (James) had really good facts about himself. Lucky for me, I don’t mind following after extreme coolness.
1) I love the smell of a freezer, the ones with excess of ice along the walls, it reminds me of eating Otter Pops when I was little.
2) From a very young age I used to look in the mirror and wonder what I would look like when I was older. Each year it was the same story, same face and same question, yet I was expecting something different. Infact I think I just barely grew out of this stage. I set interesting expectations for myself that just don’t add up.
3) I don’t know if irony is an essential part of our lives, but I can honestly say out of every person I have known, my life feels like it defines Irony. Which ironically I don’t mind.
4) Not long ago I bought fine clothing. The pockets were sewn shut with a thread like hem. I was a bit upset to that I paid so much money for a malfunctioned piece of clothing. Realizing this was one element of fine clothing was such a funny experience for me. Being second oldest of eight kids, I was given second hand goods and hand me down clothes, which I still love. Along with that, the first time I tasted rotten milk, it was recommended by me to find that cow to make sure she wasn’t still sick. With a household of 10 family members, old food/leftovers was just a crazy myth.
5) I've only filled up about 8 journals. I know I'm behind...blogging counts right. I love writing.
6) I have yet to taste something I don't like. Moldy, discolored, rotten oranges don’t count, even thought I’ve eaten those as well.
7) I have to use this one, because I know it is what sets me apart from every single soul I will ever meet, and every good soul as well. I burnt my house down when I was 5 and I blamed it on my brothers for 8 years.
Thank you for the tag.

Spring Break is Over

Minor changes.
I cut a couple inches of my hair, more is to come.
I am planning a birthday party with my employer for his 7 yr olds b-day. My task is to rent two white hummer limos! Crazy!
For me, it feels as thought I have finally began the semester. Attending classes on campus and even going to the singles ward is definitely helping in the transition back to normal life. Art is keeping me pretty busy. Stay tuned for those projects.
An update for all the ladies, I went on my first date. .. I think. It began with the Joseph Smith movie: Prophet of the Restoration, playing at the visitor’s center in Salt Lake City. I guess he knew exactly what to do to sweep me off my feet! Okay to be honest I couldn’t stop thinking about the mission. I have seen that film dozens of times as a missionary, but this time there wasn’t an investigators sitting next to me in the dark asking doctrinal questions… it was a male recent return missionary. Oh, if he only knew the way to my heart is doctrinally. Well all in all it was comfortable, we are good friends and nothing more. I guess I shouldn’t count that as a date, but he paid for the play and called me to go with him. Later on we met up with other friends in Provo and another dose of J.S. and the Technicolor dream coat play, maceys ice cream and dinner @ Gurus. Let’s retract those first couple sentences… I almost went on my first date.? I know you think I’m crazy

17 March 2008

Pineview Prep

Here is a picture of my love. She is Hollie's daughter (my oldest sister) Anna. She was 5 months old when I left to Arizona. I was never a missionary that was homesick, except for one time when Hollie sent me a picture of her kids, Logan and Anna and they were toddlers and I almost cried. I held most of it in. Being home from a mission is difficult, but spending time with them helps me. This little one here is such a girly girl, screaming at the of of her lungs and carries such an attitude. I guess she is making up for all the tom boys in our family.

14 March 2008

The Legislative Session Comes to a Close

It has been awhile, since I've updated. I never realized how demanding the session would be. I thought I'd be sustained by something else. I was so used to having that in my life for the past 18 months. I learned a lot, some of you may have seen me on T.V. and in the newspaper, receiving interesting coverage about my Dad's ticket quota bill. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I'll post a couple pictures from the experiences that I had. For now I must retire and repair myself for physical therapy. The knee is doing really well.