31 March 2008

Backyard Things

Well as you all know I am rounding the corner at Weber, set back by a untransferable freshman year, a couple surgeries, bed ridden semesters, and a glorious mission. Currently I have given my shoe selling skills a backseat or more less traded them in to stimulate my homemaking skills. Being a nanny is wonderous..ly amusing? It's fun, I really enjoy photographing life and they love it too. So they have gotten to know the Nikon and I am able to focus on school. My Dinner preparation has improved and I am using my bartering skills more than I used In Europe.


jackie said...

Wait- You're a nanny!?! i didn't know that! How many kids? And where!?! Fun! Welcome to mom's lives...quite interesting eh! I loved the bartering comment- SO true!!