24 April 2008

Top 15 Shipwreck Survival Tips

I will be boating a lot this summer and I want to be safe. I also want to take you guys with me. So in preparation, read this and let me know if you have any questions.
This is a list of the most important things to remember if you are shipwrecked. The list comes from Yan Martel’s prize-winning novel Life of Pi.

1. Always read instructions carefully

2. Do not drink urine. Or sea water. Or bird blood

3. Do not eat jellyfish. Or fish that have spikes. Or fish that have parrot like beaks. Of that puff up like balloons.

4. Pressing the eyes of fish will paralyse them

5. The body can be heroic in battle; if a castaway is injured, beware of well-meaning but ill-founded medical treatment. Ignorance is the worst doctor, while rest and sleep are the best nurses.

6. Put your feet up at least 5 minutes every hour

7. Unnecessary exertion should be avoided. But an idle mind tends to sing, so the mind should be kept occupies with whatever light distraction may suggest itself. Playing card games, twenty questions, and I spy are excellent distractions.

8. Green water is shallower than blue water

9. Beware of far-off clouds that look like mountains. Look for green. Ultimately, a foot is the only good judge of land.

10. Do not go swimming. It wastes energy. Besides, a survival craft may drift faster than you can swim. Not to mention the danger of sea life. If you are hot, wet your clothes instead.

Thumbs UP

My little sister broke her leg playing soccer so along with finals I am working her hours as a nanny. This has been harder for me to focus clearly on anything. I want to balance and today it kind of happened. It is time to get back on the Eccos and into the streets. I went running today and listened to the apostles on my mini ipod, a recent purchase to support the product red. For you Ogdenites, I headed up 20th street. For those of you not Ogdenites, I'll take you running there.
WHY 20th? I don't know but as I reached the hipe of the hill, I thought to myself, why am I on one of the most constantly steep hills in Ogden. As I turned the corner, In my ear phones Sister Holland said "prayer is a product of our faith." I needed to hear that. At the same moment a man driving a minivan gave me a thumbs up.

And in the instance 0.08 seconds later, it was a good run, my determination increased and I even run further and longer than planned.

So Brother and Sisters, this is how I am affected my a thumbs up......and the words of the living Prophet's wives!

16 April 2008

My hibernating heart LOVES YOU

It's interesting how unused this phrase can become and by some it is considered over used. Is that really possible to over use telling some one you love them.
I am guilty,on more than one count. Jeff my favorite intern looks to me as Dr. Love, He relays his crushes and love life to me and I deliberate (many of you have had first hand experience in this with me huh?) and the other night he said over the phone " Jen, I love you." and I said something like WELP See ya later, then the other day I was sitting next to Jed and he said "I love you Jenny." and there was a pause and instead of telling him back, or even saying thank you I said " now tell me in Italian" Man, why do we do that.
I guess I will make it up with my friend Jed and just walked up to him and tell him I love him too. HAHA, Now it is becoming funny. can you just imagine that, not a big deal for Jed. Help me!

On my mission this kid would always say I love you to everyone and he wasn't a missionary, he just considered himself a concerned soul.

So pick a video, tell someone who may not know you love them and pay it forward

14 April 2008

Sugar Suckas

It's random but fits for my family. Our F.H.E consisted with my married sisters coming over and teaching us step aerobics. Marci who is pregnant is majoring in health promotions hence she doesn't look prego. She is due is in Sept and looks and feels great. Hollie, married with two kids is bordering a stage one six pack. Anyways to say the least we love working out but Marci and Hollie are practicing religiously. So Picture them on the deck, in the dark, with spotlights, with the music blazing from my room. Marci is pretty much directing the whole neighborhood to keep their heart rate up and knees high. One and two and one and two and keep it going. You're looking great.
I will be "graduating" rehab this Friday and I can't do stuff like that yet, at least not without consent. So I just laid on my bed and watched with the sliding glass door open as I read "One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich" by Alexander Slozhenitsyn. It was 78 degrees and I saw my first mosquito. I will be avoiding all appearances of sugar. They love it and can smell it in your sweat. So I advise all you sweet tooth bloggers...watch out!

I am currently debating sleeping on the deck..How old am I?

08 April 2008

Big Gulps Eh?!?? Welp Seeya later

(WITH HANDS ON SHOULDERS) Oh, those are shoulder blades, I thought they were wings.

Don't worry no one has used that one on me.

This is an open invitation for all who read this blog or even have conversations at the dinner table. One of my independent courses I've decided to screen print napkins with different things. If any one of you smart, witty, blessed bloggers have some great conversation starters from your little ones, or even any of your own, comment me up. In addition, the worst pick up lines you've used or used on you. I'm excited to up date you with the success of your wisdom and imagination juxatposed with mine.