16 April 2008

My hibernating heart LOVES YOU

It's interesting how unused this phrase can become and by some it is considered over used. Is that really possible to over use telling some one you love them.
I am guilty,on more than one count. Jeff my favorite intern looks to me as Dr. Love, He relays his crushes and love life to me and I deliberate (many of you have had first hand experience in this with me huh?) and the other night he said over the phone " Jen, I love you." and I said something like WELP See ya later, then the other day I was sitting next to Jed and he said "I love you Jenny." and there was a pause and instead of telling him back, or even saying thank you I said " now tell me in Italian" Man, why do we do that.
I guess I will make it up with my friend Jed and just walked up to him and tell him I love him too. HAHA, Now it is becoming funny. can you just imagine that, not a big deal for Jed. Help me!

On my mission this kid would always say I love you to everyone and he wasn't a missionary, he just considered himself a concerned soul.

So pick a video, tell someone who may not know you love them and pay it forward


Blake and Kacie Bennett said...

Jenny I love you! I really do. I was just thinking the other day about our conversation in the car after your apt. I am so glad we got to know each other!

Sister Jenny Hansen said...

Well I love you too