19 July 2010


I love this chica! I speak spanish and then english to her.

She is my niece, she is a 4th Persian..

gorgeousness is growing within her soul todo los dios.

17 July 2010



When does it start? Maybe when you open a bank account for a cute single guy. For this chica, that is how all this went down.

I love being apart of something greater.

15 July 2010



Nikon D90, Inca Trail, Andes Mtn, Peru


So it begins..I took only two photos of the trail on the second day. I was told the second day on the Inca Trail would be the most difficult.

Here is the first one. It speaks volumes for me. I cross the small river, up the small hill and pass the small wooden gate.

I begin my ascend, 4 hours uphill, along a path that measures 3 feet wide. It's made up of stone stairs and dirt terrain. It twists and turns, each step is thought out. It's an uphill thought process.

It is recommended to pay a "porter" to carry your gear the 2nd day because it is so difficult. These men have been hiking the trail every weekend for years, they carry tents on their back, they carry propane tanks and bags of potatoes.

Before we left, we had a meeting. The trail guide David, looked me sternly in the eyes and said:"Mi Amiga, you will want help."

I laid in bed, knowing I made the right choice.
The second day on the trail was the first sunday of June. One of the greatest fast sundays of my life, was spent in the Andes Mountains. It was also two days after Josh's birthday. How was I supposed to celebrate his birthday, without him on earth, with him here on earth without his body?
It's the first birthday since he has been gone. He loved hiking. He even made me go in the snow! It felt like a day to commemorate his birth, his life, his love and in some ways his tender passing. I still think about him todos los dias.

I have done difficult things in my life, but they have been placed into different categories.. College soccer was trying physically..but took me to completely new levels.
And Josh's passing...... is still doing a number on me mentally..

But those forces combined,, The Inca trail, was a combined trial in it's own way.

I did not hire anyone to carry anything I could not carry myself. I wasn't worried about the weight, I was more worried about staying ahead,pushing myself, pushing my pace and doing things to the EXTENT of my capacity.

and so it came to pass that through my own ascension up these rocky stairs, I crossed my small river, I climbed up my small hill and passed that small wooden gate of mine.

As we do the EXTENT of what we need to do, we diminish the ability to go backwards.

14 July 2010


Happy July!!!! A season to embrace warm weather and change and laugh alot. This is a bride I documented with my camera.

10 July 2010

I don't have kids, but I have neighbor kids and a dog

I was giving my dog a bath / shower thing in the front yard when the neighbor

boy came up to me and said:

"I like your dog Ryder,,,, because he is white like us."

Then he walked off.

If we didn't have ten people in our family, we would have been the minority.

It was awesome.

The dog is clean, and the boy next store prefers the colour blanca!


I wish I could gather my thoughts for the post, but I can't and it is clearly because I have not been writing out my thoughts. I am sorry for that.

I have weddings booked this summer, despite my month in Peru, I thought I wouldn't get hired as much, but people even asked me when I was free before they set their dates.

I will be telling you all about Peru.

And yes, I'm giving in to sleep instead of blogging.