30 May 2010

I have been hiking alot.

It´s awesome.

The altitude feels exactly the same.

It´s warm and semi sunny.

The ruins are so amazing.

This keyboard I´m typing on is no good. That explains my short sentences.

I miss eating salads and such but the peruvian food is great.

And the people are great and kind and friendly and humble.

The market was really busy and it seems their source of income comes from us buying their handmade goods.

Come to find out, I´m more peruvian than I thought, Yes they sell handmade headbands too.

I´ll have to buy some and post photos.

28 May 2010

Day 2 part 2

Today I ate Beef heart.

I didn't know it was beef heart until Kelsie leaned over and said


In my mind beef heart and cow heart are completely different things.

I didn't want to stop eating just because it was cow heart.

I took another bite just to prove to myself that I liked it before

I was informed it was now just beef.

It wasn't too tough to chew and it was flavored well.

This is coming from someone who has never tasted anything I don't like.

I then thought about the purpose of a heart.

I thought this cow loved somebody with this heart and now I was eating it.

My professor Jim thought that wasn't much different than eating any other part of a cow.

But we don't associate any other body part that evokes emotions, we never say oh that breaks my leg, we say that breaks my heart.

After I thought about all the ways we feel with our heart, I figured that humans feel more and deeper with their heart than a cow and so

I kept eating.

And I drank Purple corn, it has a name, it tasted like beet juice and that was good too.

Peru provides 250 plus types of potatoes, that range in color size and texture.

I loved it and cannot wait for Cusco.

We fly out tomorrow morning so I won't be able to blog. But I'm a student not a tourist.

I'm learning that I am the EASIEST PERSON to travel with Thanks mom and dad. The only thing I don't handle well is road trips with straight country music.

I don't mind long lines.

I don't mind delays.

I don't mind horns honking

and packaged peanuts.

I am alive to enjoy it

I am alive to feel it

I am alive to wait in lines and endure delays.

I have learned alot about enduring what we precieve as a delay.

Day 2

This is a garage to someones house, it was so classy.

Yesterday was our first real day in Peru.

We ate Chinese Food.

BUT we are in PERu, so it´s actually Peruivan Chinese, which makes it all the better.

Kelsie had a peach chicken dish, which was so good.

I had the Limon Kay, which tasted like key lime, because it was, but it tasted like candy too.

To say the least, it was perfect. I feel like Peruvian know what I needed, mixing dessert with lunch.

Anyways, we have done alot of walking and people watching.

There will be more videos and photos.

Before we retired we gave a homeless lady our left overs and she praised it.

Speaking spanish is fun for me, and I´m sure comforting to Kelsie for all the times

she says, whta did he-she-you say.

Museums today and good food.

Signing out,, on this completely spanish keyboard and computer.


27 May 2010

Day one in PERU

I'm in Peru.

It's lovely and colorful.

Having blonde hair can be distracting, but I must reminded I'm white before I'm blonde.

I was in Ecuador yesterday. I met a woman named Veronica. She was impressed by my spanish and I was humbled. She gave me her home address and wants me to visit her.

I will definately do that. Not nervous but excited. Searching for compaioneras por trip.

You see I speak spanglish because I am no respector of langauge and I forgot many words and can't conjugate, but they don't judge.

Couple days ago, I took Kelsie into the city, New York City. It was her first time.

So I felt like China town was appropaite.

I taught her how to barter and we began.

When she found a hat she like,, she named her price and they just laughed, directly in her face.

It was awesome.

Than it was my turn. As I named my price of 3.00 for sunglasses, the lady simply took the glasses out of my hand and put them back.

We found a chocolate store. check it out www.vogeschocolate.com

We had balsalmic vinegar dark chocolate, wasabi ginger, chile cinnamon chocolate truffles.

The packaging was gorgeous and I will definately be back to Madison Avenue very soon.

Then we people watched in the city, you will see those videos soon.

Since I was a nanny outside NYC, I didn't feel like I needed to be atop the Empire state building to embrace NYC.

The Met was enough.

Life is respected and enjoyed.

23 May 2010

In other news:

My little sister had her second baby. She "pushed" for 3 minutes.

She works out alot, go figure.

I have a new calling:

Relief Society President

I leave for Peru in two days.

I got my photography studio,

and insurance for the goods.

I am Art Guild co-President for 2010-2011 school year.

I think that is it.

04 May 2010


A very fun day

02 May 2010

My left knee, right in this photo.

remember when I went 3.5 years without an Anterior Cruciate Ligament ACL?

Well it was repaired and I covered the scar for entire summers in hopes that it wouldn't turn dark and purple.

I put chinese goop on it at night when it healed.

Water proof band-aids work great.

It's been two years since surgery and part of my knee is still numb and I still run into things on accident, and don't feel a darn thing.

Is it better to feel pain or be numb....

sometimes I feel both at the same time..

IT'S OVER, after I saw Nadia Moro's work....


The end

01 May 2010