28 May 2010

Day 2 part 2

Today I ate Beef heart.

I didn't know it was beef heart until Kelsie leaned over and said


In my mind beef heart and cow heart are completely different things.

I didn't want to stop eating just because it was cow heart.

I took another bite just to prove to myself that I liked it before

I was informed it was now just beef.

It wasn't too tough to chew and it was flavored well.

This is coming from someone who has never tasted anything I don't like.

I then thought about the purpose of a heart.

I thought this cow loved somebody with this heart and now I was eating it.

My professor Jim thought that wasn't much different than eating any other part of a cow.

But we don't associate any other body part that evokes emotions, we never say oh that breaks my leg, we say that breaks my heart.

After I thought about all the ways we feel with our heart, I figured that humans feel more and deeper with their heart than a cow and so

I kept eating.

And I drank Purple corn, it has a name, it tasted like beet juice and that was good too.

Peru provides 250 plus types of potatoes, that range in color size and texture.

I loved it and cannot wait for Cusco.

We fly out tomorrow morning so I won't be able to blog. But I'm a student not a tourist.

I'm learning that I am the EASIEST PERSON to travel with Thanks mom and dad. The only thing I don't handle well is road trips with straight country music.

I don't mind long lines.

I don't mind delays.

I don't mind horns honking

and packaged peanuts.

I am alive to enjoy it

I am alive to feel it

I am alive to wait in lines and endure delays.

I have learned alot about enduring what we precieve as a delay.