28 May 2010

Day 2

This is a garage to someones house, it was so classy.

Yesterday was our first real day in Peru.

We ate Chinese Food.

BUT we are in PERu, so it´s actually Peruivan Chinese, which makes it all the better.

Kelsie had a peach chicken dish, which was so good.

I had the Limon Kay, which tasted like key lime, because it was, but it tasted like candy too.

To say the least, it was perfect. I feel like Peruvian know what I needed, mixing dessert with lunch.

Anyways, we have done alot of walking and people watching.

There will be more videos and photos.

Before we retired we gave a homeless lady our left overs and she praised it.

Speaking spanish is fun for me, and I´m sure comforting to Kelsie for all the times

she says, whta did he-she-you say.

Museums today and good food.

Signing out,, on this completely spanish keyboard and computer.