27 May 2010

Day one in PERU

I'm in Peru.

It's lovely and colorful.

Having blonde hair can be distracting, but I must reminded I'm white before I'm blonde.

I was in Ecuador yesterday. I met a woman named Veronica. She was impressed by my spanish and I was humbled. She gave me her home address and wants me to visit her.

I will definately do that. Not nervous but excited. Searching for compaioneras por trip.

You see I speak spanglish because I am no respector of langauge and I forgot many words and can't conjugate, but they don't judge.

Couple days ago, I took Kelsie into the city, New York City. It was her first time.

So I felt like China town was appropaite.

I taught her how to barter and we began.

When she found a hat she like,, she named her price and they just laughed, directly in her face.

It was awesome.

Than it was my turn. As I named my price of 3.00 for sunglasses, the lady simply took the glasses out of my hand and put them back.

We found a chocolate store. check it out www.vogeschocolate.com

We had balsalmic vinegar dark chocolate, wasabi ginger, chile cinnamon chocolate truffles.

The packaging was gorgeous and I will definately be back to Madison Avenue very soon.

Then we people watched in the city, you will see those videos soon.

Since I was a nanny outside NYC, I didn't feel like I needed to be atop the Empire state building to embrace NYC.

The Met was enough.

Life is respected and enjoyed.