30 March 2012


I would like to

be able to say:

"I gave up most of my clothing purchases and learned to sew."

28 March 2012

Lets go running!!


27 March 2012

everybody goes through it.

26 March 2012

I want to document people's lives like this.

This video breaks my heart a little..at the same time I have been enriched.

25 March 2012


For the year of 2011,

I have been combing over the talks from

And since it's next weekend,

I thought I would recap my favorite talks

this past year..

These talks I was revisiting all the time, the chastened me and made me better.

I am so excited for next week and this next year to re visit all the wise words will we receive.

What was your favorite?

24 March 2012

The Fashion Bounty Hunter

23 March 2012

I've been told no.... those were my greatest witnesses of God's Love for Me.

20 March 2012

Sabbath Sunday Beach

18 March 2012

I cannot wait

15 March 2012

The paleo life