05 March 2012

dear you

Dear You,

Aren't you so grateful you are having all these great experiences.

You may feel alone, but really this might be your only

time where you GET to be alone. To move about your

day is utter freedom. You are so blessed.

You get to wake up every morning and 

attend crossfit. Remember how much you love that.

The push, the beginning of the end of your comfort zone.

You always feel so great after a good hard workout.

You won't always have the luxury of such a fine time in your life.

Remember how easy it is for you to pick up the word of God

each morning, without having to wonder what child might 

interrupt your study. Remember how blessed you are.

You get to jump on an south bound train and head into

the city of New York, you get to sit by anyone you want 

on the subway, you can take a photo of anything you want.

As much as you struggle with what you can't have.

There are a lot of things you already have.

You are lucky. None of your siblings or parents

made it this long single.

Your empathy is growing and blossoming into

a perspective that will help many others,

all because you can do what you want to do.

blessed. lucky. it's your life.

You have the time to investigate anything you would like.

Remember to continually love the God in all that you do,

that your path may be more clear, 

more strait and ever so bright.

Dear you,

Yes you may feel like your life is a puzzle.

But the journey has always brought you closer to those that needed your light and knowledge

to assist them along their way. You have always taught yourself that what they need is 

more important than what you want. You have learned so much about yourself as you

have given in to that idea. Remember you love that a lot yourself, even though

you know you cannot please everyone. You have gotten to know your soul

as you have pushed yourself physically and pondered who you are spiritually.

All of these great experiences have happened to you as you have travelled 

somewhat alone. Some may call it a dandy life you have lived,  but you know that 

it is now. You feel with your heart and reach with your hands to lift others.

Remember how happy this has always made you. Remember that you don't 

need everything to make sure today. You know enough to make today sure.

Sure of goodness, sure of smiles, sure of hard work and of course

sure of love, love for your Heavenly Father, for others around you.

Remember this time of vulnerable, very well may be the Lord

preparing you to "cleave unto one" 

Even though you don't recognize.

Remember that you know people much lonelier than you.

You know people who feel more alone than you.

You know people who know despair.

Remember there are reasons why you know them.