29 November 2009

I cried alot, more specifically 11:15a.m. to 12:15 p.m.. Out of sheer gratitude.
I attended a family sealing of a dear childhood/teenage friend.
She lived with our family during the high school days when my Father was a Bishop. We grew pretty close.
Which really means, She walked in on me in the bathroom. It wasn't her fault though:
1. The bathroom door was open.
2. The light wasn't on.
3. It was well after midnight. It is the funniest memory of our friendship. But this bench mark memory is tucked away after today's experience.
Oh I love this lady. I have random memories of her and the word that is surfacing in my mind now is independence.
She taught me this, not through her words but through her own ability to work hard for what she wanted, or more less
what she needed in her life.
She has the ability to build her own foundation of faith.

This weekend she strengthened this rock with a sealing to her two new boys. Adopted about one year ago. Both handicap. They have the same mother and
different dads.

They illuminated the sealing room by their very presence, in a way that touch my own heart and soul. I teared, okay I cried, cried so continuously, I had those awesome red and pink spots around my eyes. I believe those are by products of gratitude.

A day to be remember and an experience never to be forgotten. Thank you for living your life in such a way that I might partake of your brightness of hope, love and determination.


I'm going there some day.

28 November 2009


A boutique, If you want to be a vendor let me know, and more info is coming. It will be off of 2nd and wall near the Ogden Business Depot.


This will be a neat one to attend! and my promises are never hollow!

27 November 2009


This lady was a joy to photograph! I wish her the best in her in journey of "wifehood"


26 November 2009

I am grateful for her.

I took these pictures today.
I make them model for my bands:

(other siblings, you will have a turn as well :) lucky u ) (anyone else out that want alittle whimsical shoot?)
This is one of my sisters. She is the sixth of eight of us children. She got married when I was serving my mission. She is pregnant with her second child, even though the photograph speaks otherwise, she is due late spring. She is quite opinionated, much like myself. We are very similar in our stubborn thought process ( a righteous stubborness, if that exists) and we relate very well. I don't get to see her a whole lot nowadays (not as much I as would like, but I have truly enjoyed being an older sister to her. She is a senior in college, like me, but she is 21ish. Her birthday is two days after me. We have shared many birthday cakes. She is a good sport, in many avenues.

I am grateful for her and my list of gratitude grows when I think about her.
This is one of my sisters. She is the fourth of the eight of us children. So she has kind of been raised by four different parents. She is the oldest of the kids that were raised by the transitional "this is the way it is" to the "semi chill" Ma and Pa. She defines CHILL, seriously look it up, she will be there, just hanging out, or cleaning. She isn't quite Danny Tanner clean but she can use a vacuum like nobody's business. That is a memory of her engrained in my youthful childhood memories in my mind. We would clear the floor of debri and she would bring it home! She grew a testimony of laughter before anything else. When you see her laugh, you think, "i want that!" Not in a coveting way but admiring feeling. We see each other often in the exchange that when she is off work I am on. :( She likes to shop and when I ask :When did you get that.?"

This little grin cracks her lips and she says "When you were workin for me" I have truly enjoyed being an older sister to her. We play soccer together and she is the only sister I would be alittle nervous to get in a fist fight with, and that is because we kinda have already, back in the day ofcourse when you arent supposed to get along with siblings. Of course kicking was involved which is my strength. But watch out for her upper cut. You think I'm kidding. I ain't.

I am grateful for her and my list of gratitude grows when I think about her.

Yes, her nails are painted pink.
Yes, she is a quarter persian.
Yes, she is single, but not available, she's awaiting a little brother or sister.
Yes, repeatedly falling in love with her is a reality.
Yes, she is the second of two nieces.
Yes, she transcends every color she wears.
Maybe, might, possible, she may type faster than me on a laptop.

Being grateful is capital "E" easy when you are around this lady!

22 November 2009

new addition


17 November 2009

Buy a headband, send me to Peru for school and service


The lovely and very amazing Cami Dunn from Arizona shot this awesome engagement shoot with a WHIMSICAL HEADBAND!

09 November 2009


I have been accepted to the Bachelors of Fine Art, aka BFA, with a emphasis in two dimensional art!
I will leave college with a large portfolio that will define who I am artistically, (is that a word)
From hand bound books
sketch books
officially break up cards..

And of course my back bone: PHOTOGRAPHY!!
Watch out world!

01 November 2009

Leave Me from Daros Films on Vimeo.


I did a shoot on halloween with this little gap model!

Happy halloween, and better yet, Happy Sabbath!