29 November 2009

I cried alot, more specifically 11:15a.m. to 12:15 p.m.. Out of sheer gratitude.
I attended a family sealing of a dear childhood/teenage friend.
She lived with our family during the high school days when my Father was a Bishop. We grew pretty close.
Which really means, She walked in on me in the bathroom. It wasn't her fault though:
1. The bathroom door was open.
2. The light wasn't on.
3. It was well after midnight. It is the funniest memory of our friendship. But this bench mark memory is tucked away after today's experience.
Oh I love this lady. I have random memories of her and the word that is surfacing in my mind now is independence.
She taught me this, not through her words but through her own ability to work hard for what she wanted, or more less
what she needed in her life.
She has the ability to build her own foundation of faith.

This weekend she strengthened this rock with a sealing to her two new boys. Adopted about one year ago. Both handicap. They have the same mother and
different dads.

They illuminated the sealing room by their very presence, in a way that touch my own heart and soul. I teared, okay I cried, cried so continuously, I had those awesome red and pink spots around my eyes. I believe those are by products of gratitude.

A day to be remember and an experience never to be forgotten. Thank you for living your life in such a way that I might partake of your brightness of hope, love and determination.


I'm going there some day.