01 December 2009

I raced the sunlight on Thanksgiving morning. The canals of Willard steamed as the sun began to rise. The sunrise was on my tail. Tempted to stop, and set up the tripod and turn on the bulb setting, the scenery was lovely, and I was basking in my own gratitude. I didn't stop because me and the D90 were racing the sun on Thanksgiving morning.

(You see, the sun comes up first in Ogden and then wraps it's light north, around the three peaked mountains in Willard. President Packer calls them the Presidency. In all their majesty and glory, he is right. )

I did a family shoot in the chill of the morning before the turkey was even prepared. and way before we lose sight of the holiday because we can't see over our stomachs.

I am glad I was up that early on that day. Not for the turkey, but for the experience to race the light and then chase the light through the lens of a camera.
Dear Buck Family,

I will never mail this letter, but you must know that I had a very enjoyable time, despite the 31.5 degrees. It was for a good cause and good causes are good memories in my book.

I loved watching your kids "cheese" out loud. Know that I didn't capture anything that didn't already exist before. You all love each other and I felt it and the frost on the ground knew it too because it seemed to melt in your presence.

I am grateful to be the one to capture your gratitude this season.



Kate said...

That frame is wicked... kinda want it. Great picture Jenny!