19 December 2009

3 hours After.. A true day of peaks and pits

3 Hours after Josh's dad called, I received a phone call from a Californian Photographer Leila Jones. She asked me to be her second shooter at a wedding the next day at the Bountiful Temple. I tried to be the best I could over the telephone but I was hurting and I knew I needed something to take my mind off of Josh. my thoughts needed a release. Then I thought about Josh and how much he encouraged me to BE. BE the better part of myself, BE ready, just BE.

I accepted with a cheerful heart, and I have no regrets.

Look at these two love birds.
I loved documenting their love, their committment and their joy.

And it came to pass, that we lived after the manner of happiness - 2 Nephi 5:27

Thank you Chase and Becca for allowing me an opportunity to share in your special day.

I bawled before I set foot on the grounds and when I left the Temple grounds. A true day of peaks and pits