31 March 2010

23 March 2010

I wouldn't call it weird, but in November to this day, I have been stumbling upon alot of media on the internet pertaining to death.

I think it prepared me for loss

10 March 2010

You need to know what it feels like to hurt.

You must tighten your eyes to keep the tears inside.

You must smile in the presence of life.

And you must be real to who you are.

I can't wait to share this song with you guys.

I have a very good friend. Her name is Jenny Hadley.

She is an art student, but firstly

she is a mother

a listener

and a wife.

She read this little blog here { igiveextraattention.blogspot.com }


wrote me a song with

her angelic raw voice.

Yes, angelic and raw is so lovely to me.

She read the words of my heart

and made a song.

It is titled: Fade Away

and I only have the first verse.

she sent it to me ten days ago...

And when I read the title: Fade away,

I cried and shut my email

but lately, I think

Heavenly Father

Jesus Christ

The Holy Ghost

and Josh have given me

The gift of consolation,

Peace and


I just listened to the words...

Fade away.... That is what he did..

and I still love him for that.

Dear Jenny,

You really read my words, my heart and

you brought me closer



The Holy Ghost

Jesus Christ


Heavenly Father.

What is next here for me?

07 March 2010

I did a bridal shoot with my amazing videographers but I can't show you those yet.

Things are going well, I am learning alot brushing shoulders with great minds.


Added to the series: Please Come Find Me, 2010


05 March 2010