24 August 2009

WEEK 5 in review

Kristina and I working the photo booth, WATCH FOR MORE

FHE modern Marvel activity

Circle F Farms, photo shoot

Something to remember

20 August 2009


Watch for details!


17 August 2009

Week 4 in Review

1- This is the drive from Tempe to Ogden. I planned to revisit this road.

2- Kristina and I revisiting the Temple Visitors center in Mesa.

3- My Aunt’s horse

4- Huge crush

5- Spiral Jetty photo shoot

6- Death Cab For Cutie Outdoor concert with Laura.

7- Ogden Canyon a couple weeks ago

8- Capitol Reef National Park, from a bus window

9- Yeah

10- For Fools

11- Who wrote this

12- President Monson and President Obama

13- A photo from my camera phone

16 August 2009

A few things i have been doing

12 August 2009

Another Fast!

I am giving up sugar for a whole year! (minus fruit in moderation)

It's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. and you are thinking that giving up sugar is. I know I know, I have to do this one. The clothing fast was a success and it's time to become a master of myself in the appetite department. There will be ten rules again like a bite of my own wedding cake.

So for those of you that won't be able to bear the thought of my not eating sugary goods.........get working. and when I mean get working, i really mean I accept referrals. But let's be honest, this goal could be REVELATORY!

i'm excited and you will be updated, but I do need a little help with when it's okay to eat sugar!

The longest I have been without sugar is 6 weeks!

11 August 2009

Week 3 in Review

Confession, I don't have any photos on my desktop this week, I was in Tempe, taking photos, and helping one of my converts move to utah, if you were in Tempe too and I didn't see you... I owe you!

04 August 2009

Summer Crush

Finding attraction isn't hard ( I can find a cute boy every where I go) for me. I should rephrase that. Identifying something attractive isnt one bit hard for me, It never has been,
I am the most inclusively happy gal I know,
because the source of my happiness is established
Everywhere, especially in the details, whether it's

Light from the sky as it descends into darkness, as it wraps itself
around the river bend in Ogden canyon.

There is beauty in the reality that clouds can surface real human emotions.

Perfection manifests itself, even if it is contained in a very small life jacket....

I love life and I have a strong feeling it may love me back!

Today is a plane ride to TEMPE!!!!!!!!!!! i left my heart there

03 August 2009

Week 2 in Review

I decided to share my very personal space with you on a weekly basis by posting all the images that sit on my desktop before I toss them out and reasons why I have them...

1. I think we can all think of someone we could send this photo too. I know a couple people would like to remind me how much I have changed over the years.

2. The memory is the least evasive thing ever created. YOu TOUCH it, your hands will tell your brain about it. Details of texture. YOu kiss it, you'll remember it every single time you see it. YOU SEE IT, you believe it through and through. A blessed gift to cherish, my memory, my Remember ance of you, shines like a light with perfect rays! this quote rings true true true

3. Yes random, however unfiltered, moving on

4. a branch off the Alaskan shore, summer 08, it rained and I was alone

5. Anna my niece is like Emma Livingston which means NO BAD PHOTO EXISTS OF THEM, I wish I could look this good while eating an entire gallon of chocolate ice cream.

6. When I announced I broke my one year fashion fast, i was asked to share a photo. a new world of purchasing clothes,, did I make a wrong decision in this dreary world?!


8.There are celebrating my birth, happy folks

9. Celebrating 26 with Brett

10. Kanye West BRINGING IT HOME AS ALWAYS..... IMAGINE him with the constant companionship of the holy ghost....

11. Heaven is all directions
Thank you Mr. West

I learned and relearned and was edified to be a little tiny baby bit smarter, wiser and better than yesterday. BUT here is the catch, I can only really declare this maturity of smartness as I applied the ideas, thought and revelations into my life.

I am never one of those people that sits in the back of the room and pretends to know more than everyone else.. I do know more than everyone else and I specifically am referring to myself, I know more information about my spiritual needs than anyone else around me. and that is why I sit in the front, preferably the very first row, because my Preach My gospel, scriptures and notebook are the most comfortable there. They have a sense of belonging, they belong.

Yes, I covet highly intricate marked scriptures and old frumpy mission ties.

02 August 2009

I broke the fashion fast. This dress was 17.99 and I felt bad at the register.

did I need it?

Those answers can address another post, but the fact that I felt like I didn't need it was a feeling that was good. A source of conversion I guess.

I have a professional seamstress giving me sewing lessons! you will be updated.

01 August 2009

a day of prayer, a day of fasting

Summer Skin is back again

Today is a boating day, and for this I am grateful, not so much to frolic on the tubes or even lie on the beach, infact I am so much more involved with the way the water moves and it's relationship to me.

I have a couple new freckles on my scar,,, how? when? when? what?
for years I have been trying to catch the Sun Freckling me..


Summer is my happiness

Wiser too

I type for the noise,
but then I turn on the music so I feel more accomplished as a multi-tasker. And as the sound reaches my ears, my ears tell my brain who and what to think about during the song, and I imagine what my life would be like if they were still a part of my circle of influence. And you see, now I have peaked in my tasking abilities. If only I could dream to a song and actually do as I thought...... I would be translated FOR SURE.. and all the people who actually comment on my blog would miss me dearly..
..and for that sole purpose I shall fore bare.

A resolution to write a thought down EVERYDAY is happening now and you are a part of it. EAT IT UP, SPIT IT OUT, it really is just for me but I need a reminders of what I should do and what I really love doing,
.......because in this regard they are 100% NO DIFFEReNT.

I love to flesh out a thought,

the holy ghost has been such a trooper, always willing to teach me something new. Never depending on anything earth shattering but a slice of hope glimmers into that small box, that I leave near the foot of my bed. My dog lies there too, until the morning comes.


Now if only my ears could bypass my brain and go straight to my heart, I'd feel the purpose with more declaration.