17 August 2009

Week 4 in Review

1- This is the drive from Tempe to Ogden. I planned to revisit this road.

2- Kristina and I revisiting the Temple Visitors center in Mesa.

3- My Aunt’s horse

4- Huge crush

5- Spiral Jetty photo shoot

6- Death Cab For Cutie Outdoor concert with Laura.

7- Ogden Canyon a couple weeks ago

8- Capitol Reef National Park, from a bus window

9- Yeah

10- For Fools

11- Who wrote this

12- President Monson and President Obama

13- A photo from my camera phone


Stacie Marietti said...

Those were fun pictures. I think you should give one of those cards to someone. Just a thought.

It's Me...shell said...

I also have a huge crush on Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Crabb Family said...

i'm guessing you saw 500 days of summer. wasn't it great!? and I love the song on your blog. mine is practically on repeat all day long...the best!