17 December 2009

I didn't get married

My grades are posted. {except for a photo class} I looked at them. No A's, well A-, but I don't call them an A because the next thing after an A is a B. The minus does not belong in the alphabet. It belongs in math! I must have missed that verse in the alphabet song!

I still remained on the honor roll, which tempts me to take 18-21 credits again in the spring. But lets face it. Let's recap what didn't happen because I was spreading myself too thin.

1. My room remained messy. I cleaned it here and there, but not everywhere.
2. I only held one boy's hand.. WHAT A HORRIBLE STAT.
3. I turned down photo shoots because I took a saturday LOWER DIVISION photo class. Please do not ask specific question regarding this, It was a mistake borderline sin. It was like I was punishing myself or something.
4. Travelling = ZERO
5. I did not submit any artwork into any shows.
6. social life= ZERO
7. soccer= ZERO
8. Weight gained.

If my dad were to compile a list of what didn't happen, there would be one thing and one thing only on that list.

1. I didn't get married.

gosh, that is such a great list. It is all I really ever asked for. Who needs Santa?! Just slab on the credits! extra gravy please! Partial sadness if you ask me. So now i need to reverse the list...

I am enrolled in Spring but will be doing an apprentice under Steve Jobs. You see, he dropped out of college but still attended. He attended courses that interested him, but opted for the non credit audit part of it. So that is my plan, you know, putting all my swweeettt stalker moves into action.you know lurking around the students with their homework. WHO DOES THAT? it's weird sounding but I can't wait.
I am taking 12 credits but will make cameo appearances in the following courses.

Jewelry II {bookbinding purposes}
History of utah {COOL}
all the design for the internet courses
Studio Lighting
Photography Seminar
Art Teaching Methods

I'll attend every blue moon to ease the pain of spreading myself to thin, you see, I'm an addict, RECOVERING OF COURSE.

Its also the legislative sessions, since mi padre works there 45 days straight I was thinking I should probably find a husband this semester, but I am uncertain if our foundation should be started politically, however, I do need to make sure he can hold his own.

yes, It's been that cold. my ears need warmth.

The whimsical business is going well.


Rachel said...

Your dad's list looks an awful lot like what my mom's would have. She has had that same list for the past 5 years or so. (At least she didin't have the list compiled until after my mission!)
Ah the joys of being the single child with no hope of changing that status anytime soon.
Congratulations on the end of another semester.

Amy said...

you are my entertainment missy! keep up the good work and hey with less credit hours you can do the REALLY IMPORTANT things like blogging more! haha! Hope to see you over the next semester, hey there will be more time for that as well!