06 July 2012


01 July 2012

What WE really look like.

I just returned home from a ten month contracted job outside New York City.

I fell in love with the East Coast, with the dirty subway, the food, the people, 

and the overall speed that NYC operates at.

I attended a world famous crossfit gym, Hybrid Athletics, where I got to know

 my physical limitations better than ever before.

I  became a better me and still thirst for all that Utah offered. So after 10 months, I back hanging out with 

the family, searching for where I next to be next.

Every 4 day vacation, I would fly home to spend time with my large family.

I flew 17 times in 10 months... That was a lot of traveling for me.

Amongst all the experiences I had, one has repeated itself.

And it's this.... What does a Mormon look like?

I enrolled at NYU and took a course in writing from Sharon Johnson, one of the editors of 

The New York Times.

 As we sat in class and introduced ourselves,

 it seemed fitting to end my introduction with "and I'm a mormon."

A girl in the back of the room says: "well, you don't look like a mormon."

I responded out loud:

"What does a mormon even look like?"

I thought about that a lot and 

as I was the guest of honor at a going away party a couple weeks ago..

Another woman questioned:

"But Jenny, you don't look like a mormon."

I explained that yes I love J. Crew like the rest of them...

but I still wondered what they were looking for in me.... in us... in WE?

What does a Mormon look like?

I travelled to Australia and 

caught myself wondering if anyone I was passing 

on the streets was Mormon.

 I looked in every crossfit box there as well.

What information was I using to identify a mormon?

I wasn't exactly sure, but I felt when I saw it, I would know.

Moments left me empty. Days passed.

And then, after ten months of patiently waiting, I met a man, I saw him interact..

and I knew suddenly, through the whispering of the Holy Ghost, that this man was a Mormon.

As I was cleaning up from my dad's campaign cook off party... I saw the cutest little boy,

He got off his bike and walked over to the "WE" vehicle.

I had my camera and followed him.

I was overtaken with the emotion of empathy and love. I felt Mosiah 2 come alive before my eyes.

I watched Scott Howell commend this mother of five for her hardwork and dedication

to her little family. The way he talked to her was the epitome of a mormon.

This much I know. Mormon's love life. They love families and those dedicated likewise.

They seek out any moment to endorse the fundamental unit in society; the family.

I know the Book of Mormon stories... My dad (Neil) had always explain politics and principles to me while using scriptures.... but Friday they all become more real to me and I can say, I know what a mormon looks like..... A mormon looks like a man, worn out physically from his campaign trail, and yet,

as the sun sets, he reaches out to one, two, three, four little children, to let them know, he cares about their quality of life, and their mother that strives daily to provide the means.

Thank you Scott, meeting you, changed me

and the pleasure is all me.

But now I can explain to every person that wants to know what a Mormon looks like..

What WE really look like.