19 October 2010

How do you feel about shades of red...

I lay in bed wondering what this might mean.......

14 October 2010

I’m in the airport once again.

I’m flying to Phoenix again.

The last time I was in Arizona, I shot a wedding at the

Mesa Arizona Temple.

I witnessed the sealing and prepared

Myself for the exit of the couple.

As I stood outside the Temple, two

Men, large in stature rolled up on old restored modified


It was hot outside, peaking 105 degrees.

They wore white beaters and wanted something.

They walked up the stairs and I centered myself in front of the Temple entrance.

This all happened so natural,

One of them spoke to me and said, “We are catholic, that doesn’t matter to

Us, we need a message, a blessing from God.”

“I’m sorry you can’t enter the temple, but I can help you out.

Wait, right here and I’ll go get someone that can give you a blessing.”

As I turned to go into the House of the Lord, everything seemed to move in

Slow motion, I noticed all these people staring at me as I turned away from the men.

One man had screwdrivers and other tools in his pocket, and a black grab with something inside.

I entered the Temple and approached the desk.

The windows were tinted and the desk clerk could see exactly who waited on the outside, for a message from God.

“Those men need someone who can give them a blessing.” I said.

He responded, “We don’t do that.”

I could not return outside to tell them we can’t do that.

“What should I tell them?” I asked.

“Sister, Let me scan your temple recommend, go do the hall all the way to the end, turn left, head all the way down that hall,

and left again, you’ll see a door, it reads: “Temple President”

So I headed there, in a fast pace manner, mind you my bride and groom are getting ready, primping, putting on the wedding
get up.

So I have two cameras around my neck, and I’m inside the Temple.

I felt as though I had so much authority.

I met the Temple President, told him the same exact story I told the nice guy at the front desk.

Both men were dressed in white shoes, socks, slacks, jackets, dress shirts, ties and hair. Okay the hair was silver of sorts.

The Temple President said, “We can’t go outside in our white clothes, we can’t give those men a blessing.”

I suggested then directing them to the Temple Visitors Center, which he agreed.

I was sorely confused, which means I do not know the proper temple protocol.

And when I write sorely, I mean, I just don’t hold the priesthood and I don’t own white ties and jackets, so this was all just new

to me and if this was new to me, then I am sure Anthony was going to think I was crazy.

The fast pace walking continued and I exited the temple. My bride and groom had yet to exit.

The two men were there, as I approached them, I felt embarrassed.

I didn’t know how to tell them, they came to the wrong place to get an answer from God.

“Hey, so no one here can give you a blessing.”

Anthony looked at me and replied: “ We need a message from God, we need a blessing, YOU GIVE IT TO US.”

“I don’t have the authority to act in God’s name.”

When those words came out of my mouth, the spirit reminded me that those men did not have the full restored knowledge

about authority and power and priesthood endowments.

He replied with something blurry like: “You came out of the Temple, you can do it.”

“You’re right, I can. Come over to the side away from the door, I’ll pay for you.”

Huddled in a small compartment on the exterior of the Temple,

we meet as I asked them for their names:

Anthony and ________. The second name only stayed in my mind long enough for me to pray over it to the Lord.

I asked Heavenly Father to bless the two of them that they would find perfection in Christ as they serve others.

I felt so grateful to pray with them and for them.

The power and authority that many people search for is simply pray, a two-way communication between God and us.

As I concluded the prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, followed by Amen, I was received in some type of gangster related hug,

not so much a chest pound because im a girl, but it was a sincere hug, a warm embrace that connected us.

They returned to their low rider bikes and off into the basking desert heat.

I returned to my position as Head/Solo Photographer, when I saw through the tinted window, a tiny Philippine beauty.

My bride and groom were ready. Their sealing was pronounced and they awaited me to get ready.

I entered the Temple one last time and my convert said to me “You are still Sister Hansen!”

There are no words that suffice the way I felt to see one of my converts dressed in shades of white exited the Temple with her eternal companion.

I had spent many glorious weeks teaching her what I knew to be true and now I watched as she led by example and fulfilled the everlasting covenant.

Any time we live in light and truth, it come back to us, to usher us on and remind us what we know to be true.

I can’t wait to get back to the Desert.

Me, Always Wondering
by Jenny Hansen

I don’t cut and paste to often

and when I do,

it becomes somewhat altered according to my own mind.

I dont think that is a bad thing,

I just know I like typing, being and doing.

To do and be and asspire to something more than I am now is


People consider

adding on to their homes,

adding to their purse collection:

adding to their families

and even adding to their debt,

and in all cases if you really have the desire to do so, it happens.

So it is with our personalities,

we are molded by the choices we make,

the people we meet and

our environment around us.

Good things come when we look outside of ourselves and reach for the unknown.

Most of the un known things are some what attractive to us and there fore we search it out.

There comes a time where and when we learn of new things

to the point we will incorporate it into our lives

(OR in opposition, on the other hand we will become extremely dis interested in the information at hand).

I am a happy girl.

I choose bright colors

but lately I have noticed I need to wear more patterns with my outfits,

right now it is too many blocks and shapes, their is no deminsional stimulation.

I think I went through a phase,

where I was quite uncomfortable with myself

so I avoided patterns and especially stripes.

You would probably speculate this was a recent time in my life...

you are right.

it got scary but now I’m changing alittle bit.

I see stripes as assests and so I must use them that way.

I’m sitting in class, just sitting, typing, eating salt and vinegar chips.

My professor said we might be able to get out early.

For once in my life, I would like to be sad when they say that, but

I never am.

I’m ungrateful

and selfish with my time, talents and when I have time alotted to do productive things, I choose the wrong, or the good, but the better and not the best.(I'm always working on this, always, every single day.)
How can I always choose the best when I just barely got good and choosing the right. One fine day, it will get better and I will be the very best at choosing the right. Right time, Right person, Right place, Right authority, Right dress, Right cake, Right shoes, Right Calling, Right house, Right color paint, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right.

09 October 2010