03 November 2013

Dopamine, DopaMINE! My save button.

One of my favorite girls asked me about Dopamine. 

You see I've been feeling it alot lately and pondering about it too.

The question is, Dopamine, needed? or over rated?

I loved getting asked this.

And a week ago I was asking myself the same thing.

Can I trust the emotions associated with Dopamine?

Lets talk a walk with Dopamine real quick to sort out the reality of it's potential.

"Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain's reward and pleasure centers. Dopamine also helps regulate movement and emotional responses, and it enables us not only to see rewards, but to take action to move toward them."

So we know it as a simple organic chemical. Yet, deficiency of this chemical can lead to Parkinson's disease, so in that regard, yes, Dopamine is not over rated and  lots of great research shows the benefits of it.

We need dopamine in the right place 

at the right time 

in the right amounts. 

When it all comes together, we are the awesom-est person around. 

We, or I shall speak for me. I feel so enriched by the world around me,

and I just can't stop smiling.

There is always something to be grateful for.

Can dopamine increase our gratitude?

Its happening to me now.

It's really the opposition of emotions that can generate more dopamine.

You know happiness because you have experience sadness.

Dopamine will motivate us, 

and it is the driving neurotransmitter in competitive behaviors.  

It should be found in every romantic relationship.

Not in an competitive, I'll beat you at this crossfit workout, but a competitive edge to want to be your best self as you serve and love your significant other.

And this dopamine should be there from the get go.. 

ESPECIALLY from the get go.

That's what turns one date into two dates and so on and so forth.

When you feel great levels of excitement and joy, those are associated to

dopamine. So what's make you happy? Really truly happy?

Ponder that for a bit.

Below is the source and donor to my dopamine bucket for the past 3 weeks

His name is Jack.  and although its only been three weeks,

When we are talking about dopamine, time is irrelavant.

I would like to insert a disclaimer here.

I am not attracted to Jack because I experience large doses of dopamine. 

Although they help, 
my attraction to him comes from the happiness
 I have within myself.

I have identified what makes me happy. 

When you know what makes you happy and what you want and you work to obtain that on your own, crossing paths with someone that values the same type of happiness as you is 
turns into straight bliss. (another blog post)

To open up my heart a bit more,

I have had experiences that brought me unhappiness.

They were based off of lack of trust and dis honesty,

so I have continually grown and became more attracted to trust, and honesty. 

Its something I really want in a lasting relationship.

Jack feels the same way about trust and honesty as I do and as we share and validate those needs in our own personal relationships, that communication enhances our dopamine.

I mean yes, I love that he is all about garden and pruning my fruit trees, building furniture and photography,

those were secondary to what our true happiness was.

Growing into interests is important when building relationships,
but having prinicples of truth as your foundation is a rock solid way to progress a healthy relationship with anyone.

Jack and I talk about dopamine.

We study it and discuss other methods to continually

increase the dopamine between us.

We found really cool stuff!

Jack is a plant based eater which I love, with that commonality we have of 

loving veggies and other plants of the earth,

 we found that there are founds that

may enhance your level of dopamine.

Fava Beans

Mustard greens

Wheat germ


Dark Chocolate



See Dark Chocolate=LOVE. ha

But can one person have too much dopamine?

This is the only example I could find where Dopamine was bad.

On a silly note.

On a serious note. 

I have experienced relationships where dopamine was generated by a drug addiction,

It was fatal, which left me with tons of grief and wonderment about true feelings,

and levels of happiness in general.

Thankfully, I always relied on the gospel for the happiness.

But I missed the romantic dopamine.

The emotion of knowing someone gave you their heart and it was completely mutual and safe.

Being received when sharing dopamine is honestly the secret to maintaining those levels and

continually striving to enhance experiences with that person you care about.

Insert silly dopamine song here.

 And if there was a spiritual dopamine, what would we call it? 

Dopamine creates happiness.

But what is happiness?

In the scriptures, happiness is based off of principles of righteousness and the 

foundational core of all righteousness is the faith.

Faith is acting before knowing. It's believing before receiving.

It's putting yourself out there in the name of Christ,

for the sake of happiness and for the sake of the Kingdom.

My personal experience had help me to use these 

principles in

 pursuing and maintaining relationships.


It keeps me coming back for more.

To me, Dopamine is my “save button” in the brain. 

When dopamine is present during an event or experience, 

we remember it;

 when it is absent, nothing seems to stick. 

Maybe that's why you were never even that interested in that guy.

He did nothing for your dopamine......

That's why its important for men and women alike to do their part to make things

new, exciting and stimulating.

Please pass me the dopaMINE.


01 November 2013

You will live on in the hearts of men, constantly

I wrote you an email today. Because my heart missed you. I couldn’t actually finish the email. so I just hit send and sat there for a minute.

How is heaven? You don’t visit me as much anymore and I can only imagine you are busy in the spirit world.
 My little brother introduced this song to me and it sounded like the eighties so I put it on replay for a couple years… I mean minutes.

It was the only natural to repeat it and re live it as often as possible.
It reminded me of you and I wondered if you would like the guy I have a crush on.

He is a good one, its early still but he has a really loving heart like you. There is a sense of empathy you gave me, now, 
I carry it

With me and I pay it forward whenever I can.
I just wanted to tell you that I love you and miss you and that love and missing you helps me to love others.

 I can’t think of a
Greater gift you gave me than your heart. 

I hope to grow a sensitivity to people like you.

Miss you.

15 June 2013

Worldly laughter

"The laughter of the world is merely loneliness pathetically trying to reassure itself." 
 Neal A. Maxwell 

29 May 2013


There's power in wanting.

There's confidence in being wanted.

When we want something, how do we allow that people to feel that are wanted more than
anything else.

How do we give the attention to what we really want.

And how do we know what we really want.

We search, we grow, some things seek us out.

Other times it just happens naturally.

To be wanted. mutually.

23 April 2013

Day 100

05 March 2013

I recommend

This talk changed me.

Review and lets chat about it.

30 January 2013

carb nite


29 January 2013


DAY 6!

28 January 2013

I'm in love with this.

I want a husband so bad.

I want to support him in his role as father.

27 January 2013


25 January 2013

Day 2

I hurt my ankle today :(

24 January 2013

Carb Nite Day One

I feel good, its day one.

It's crazy to see how much you can eat when you don't incorporate

And then I worked out and it was good.

22 January 2013

What is Truth? I've been answered.

How can we know?

To a certain degree, we can't and that is where faith comes in.

It's an obligation to seek out the Lord's Will for me.

I will not blindly accept everything I hear.

I am expected to search.. and that is why my happiness comes from.

Confidence in God needs to happen from within in.

Blind Self security is where the hope lies.



If I lack wisdom, I can ask of Him.

We can be corrected through our relationship to Heavenly Father,

The light and knowledge is there, its just needs to be received by seekers of truth.

In this manner, we learn truth grows through light and knowledge.

11 January 2013

Sorella Clawson