01 August 2009

Wiser too

I type for the noise,
but then I turn on the music so I feel more accomplished as a multi-tasker. And as the sound reaches my ears, my ears tell my brain who and what to think about during the song, and I imagine what my life would be like if they were still a part of my circle of influence. And you see, now I have peaked in my tasking abilities. If only I could dream to a song and actually do as I thought...... I would be translated FOR SURE.. and all the people who actually comment on my blog would miss me dearly..
..and for that sole purpose I shall fore bare.

A resolution to write a thought down EVERYDAY is happening now and you are a part of it. EAT IT UP, SPIT IT OUT, it really is just for me but I need a reminders of what I should do and what I really love doing,
.......because in this regard they are 100% NO DIFFEReNT.

I love to flesh out a thought,

the holy ghost has been such a trooper, always willing to teach me something new. Never depending on anything earth shattering but a slice of hope glimmers into that small box, that I leave near the foot of my bed. My dog lies there too, until the morning comes.


Now if only my ears could bypass my brain and go straight to my heart, I'd feel the purpose with more declaration.


emma said...

i like that you make me think.