30 May 2010

I have been hiking alot.

It´s awesome.

The altitude feels exactly the same.

It´s warm and semi sunny.

The ruins are so amazing.

This keyboard I´m typing on is no good. That explains my short sentences.

I miss eating salads and such but the peruvian food is great.

And the people are great and kind and friendly and humble.

The market was really busy and it seems their source of income comes from us buying their handmade goods.

Come to find out, I´m more peruvian than I thought, Yes they sell handmade headbands too.

I´ll have to buy some and post photos.


Jackie said...

i love the blog updates! Looks like a great time Jen!! Hope you're loving it!

Amy said...

How fun, can't wait to see the headbands they make! Have the time of your life it goes by so quick then all you have are the memories! So jealous of your adventures! love ya girlie!