14 April 2008

Sugar Suckas

It's random but fits for my family. Our F.H.E consisted with my married sisters coming over and teaching us step aerobics. Marci who is pregnant is majoring in health promotions hence she doesn't look prego. She is due is in Sept and looks and feels great. Hollie, married with two kids is bordering a stage one six pack. Anyways to say the least we love working out but Marci and Hollie are practicing religiously. So Picture them on the deck, in the dark, with spotlights, with the music blazing from my room. Marci is pretty much directing the whole neighborhood to keep their heart rate up and knees high. One and two and one and two and keep it going. You're looking great.
I will be "graduating" rehab this Friday and I can't do stuff like that yet, at least not without consent. So I just laid on my bed and watched with the sliding glass door open as I read "One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich" by Alexander Slozhenitsyn. It was 78 degrees and I saw my first mosquito. I will be avoiding all appearances of sugar. They love it and can smell it in your sweat. So I advise all you sweet tooth bloggers...watch out!

I am currently debating sleeping on the deck..How old am I?


Becky said...

I love sleeping outside- sometimes I wish I could go to my parents house and sleep on their trampoline...but you're right. Then I remember how old I am and that maybe I should stay home with my kids. Eh..

Notes From My Underbelly said...

You are my favorite. I want to get fot too! and what do you think of the weather today? Snow? What is this Christmas? Don'tcha love UT?

Blake and Kacie Bennett said...

Jenny the mosquitos always attack me...we were out the other night and I had ten bites and no one else had ANY! Now I know why, my sweettooth has gotten me in trouble again! Thanks for the info! Hope you can get back to excersing soon.