08 April 2008

Big Gulps Eh?!?? Welp Seeya later

(WITH HANDS ON SHOULDERS) Oh, those are shoulder blades, I thought they were wings.

Don't worry no one has used that one on me.

This is an open invitation for all who read this blog or even have conversations at the dinner table. One of my independent courses I've decided to screen print napkins with different things. If any one of you smart, witty, blessed bloggers have some great conversation starters from your little ones, or even any of your own, comment me up. In addition, the worst pick up lines you've used or used on you. I'm excited to up date you with the success of your wisdom and imagination juxatposed with mine.


jackie said...

Juxtaposed....I can't believe you still use that word!! That took me back a while...fun! ;) I'll pay more attention to what my kids say (whoops!) and let you know! Sounds fun! You'll be great at it!

jackie said...
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jackie said...


Sister Jenny Hansen said...

Jackie, What is the best day for you?