24 April 2008

Thumbs UP

My little sister broke her leg playing soccer so along with finals I am working her hours as a nanny. This has been harder for me to focus clearly on anything. I want to balance and today it kind of happened. It is time to get back on the Eccos and into the streets. I went running today and listened to the apostles on my mini ipod, a recent purchase to support the product red. For you Ogdenites, I headed up 20th street. For those of you not Ogdenites, I'll take you running there.
WHY 20th? I don't know but as I reached the hipe of the hill, I thought to myself, why am I on one of the most constantly steep hills in Ogden. As I turned the corner, In my ear phones Sister Holland said "prayer is a product of our faith." I needed to hear that. At the same moment a man driving a minivan gave me a thumbs up.

And in the instance 0.08 seconds later, it was a good run, my determination increased and I even run further and longer than planned.

So Brother and Sisters, this is how I am affected my a thumbs up......and the words of the living Prophet's wives!


jackie said...

A really really smart person once said,"behind every great man is an even better woman." Amen! You should meet Hariet Uchtdorf (E. Uchtdorf's wife) she is amazing, as I'm sure all of them are.