17 March 2008

Pineview Prep

Here is a picture of my love. She is Hollie's daughter (my oldest sister) Anna. She was 5 months old when I left to Arizona. I was never a missionary that was homesick, except for one time when Hollie sent me a picture of her kids, Logan and Anna and they were toddlers and I almost cried. I held most of it in. Being home from a mission is difficult, but spending time with them helps me. This little one here is such a girly girl, screaming at the of of her lungs and carries such an attitude. I guess she is making up for all the tom boys in our family.


Becky said...

She is so cute! That picture is precious, she looks like Hollie. That would be so hard to be away from your family for that long! I think I would have gotten homesick!