18 March 2008

Spring Break is Over

Minor changes.
I cut a couple inches of my hair, more is to come.
I am planning a birthday party with my employer for his 7 yr olds b-day. My task is to rent two white hummer limos! Crazy!
For me, it feels as thought I have finally began the semester. Attending classes on campus and even going to the singles ward is definitely helping in the transition back to normal life. Art is keeping me pretty busy. Stay tuned for those projects.
An update for all the ladies, I went on my first date. .. I think. It began with the Joseph Smith movie: Prophet of the Restoration, playing at the visitor’s center in Salt Lake City. I guess he knew exactly what to do to sweep me off my feet! Okay to be honest I couldn’t stop thinking about the mission. I have seen that film dozens of times as a missionary, but this time there wasn’t an investigators sitting next to me in the dark asking doctrinal questions… it was a male recent return missionary. Oh, if he only knew the way to my heart is doctrinally. Well all in all it was comfortable, we are good friends and nothing more. I guess I shouldn’t count that as a date, but he paid for the play and called me to go with him. Later on we met up with other friends in Provo and another dose of J.S. and the Technicolor dream coat play, maceys ice cream and dinner @ Gurus. Let’s retract those first couple sentences… I almost went on my first date.? I know you think I’m crazy


Notes From My Underbelly said...

Sounds like a date to me!!! Do I know this lucky guy?