18 March 2008

Seven Things You May or May Not know about Jenny Hansen.

If the title didn’t spell it out, I’ve been tagged. The only difficult part about this is the person that tagged me (James) had really good facts about himself. Lucky for me, I don’t mind following after extreme coolness.
1) I love the smell of a freezer, the ones with excess of ice along the walls, it reminds me of eating Otter Pops when I was little.
2) From a very young age I used to look in the mirror and wonder what I would look like when I was older. Each year it was the same story, same face and same question, yet I was expecting something different. Infact I think I just barely grew out of this stage. I set interesting expectations for myself that just don’t add up.
3) I don’t know if irony is an essential part of our lives, but I can honestly say out of every person I have known, my life feels like it defines Irony. Which ironically I don’t mind.
4) Not long ago I bought fine clothing. The pockets were sewn shut with a thread like hem. I was a bit upset to that I paid so much money for a malfunctioned piece of clothing. Realizing this was one element of fine clothing was such a funny experience for me. Being second oldest of eight kids, I was given second hand goods and hand me down clothes, which I still love. Along with that, the first time I tasted rotten milk, it was recommended by me to find that cow to make sure she wasn’t still sick. With a household of 10 family members, old food/leftovers was just a crazy myth.
5) I've only filled up about 8 journals. I know I'm behind...blogging counts right. I love writing.
6) I have yet to taste something I don't like. Moldy, discolored, rotten oranges don’t count, even thought I’ve eaten those as well.
7) I have to use this one, because I know it is what sets me apart from every single soul I will ever meet, and every good soul as well. I burnt my house down when I was 5 and I blamed it on my brothers for 8 years.
Thank you for the tag.


James said...


jackie said...

Jen- I love you!! I miss reading your cute way of writing- you are so good at it! Yay on the first date...sort of!?!?! (I think it counts totally!) #7 is hillarious!!!!!!!! And your neice is so adorable!

Notes From My Underbelly said...

I forgot you burnt your house down! You are one of a kind! When is the card party? I can have one at my house during April if everyone wants!

Erik and Candace said...

I haven't checked your blog for a while, I didn't think you ever got on. I love the new do! We really need to get together. I felt bad I didn't get to talk to you for very long at Rebecca's shower (I was a little distracted). How's the knee?