03 August 2008

28th time is a charm

I met James Bradley, he wrote the book Flag of our Fathers. Its about the men in the photograph and how he lived with one his whole life, never understanding why everyone thought his father was a hero. He never knew until after his father's death at which point, he research and recovered priceless information about the six men in the photo.

the most famous photograph of World War II - Joe Rosenthal's shot of six soldiers on February 23, 1945, raising the stars and stripes on a steel pipe atop Mount Suribachi on the sulfur-sanded, Japanese Pacific island of Iwo Jima (transl. Sulfur Island).
He went to 27 publishers before the 28th said yes. It was amazing to feel of his spirit and learn of eternal truths that teach us anything is impossible. I'm reading it now along with Mormon Scientist.