16 August 2008

NiNe DaYs

School starts in 9 days for me and I haven't even been pencil box shopping. It's interesting how our priorities shift as we age, but I'm not talking about the pencil box, I still use those in my major.

I stopped running and when I say I stopped running I mean I haven't ran for at least two weeks. It's funny how we confess things to the internet.

The highlight of my week was taking my nanny girls school shopping ( because I am not buying clothes for a whole year, I get my fixed this way). It is fun for me to help others accesorize and such, plus I learned tons about wardrobes from my dillards days, I even have books about the essential pieces of clothing you need as staples... I know.. I know... YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW but maybe I'll post a couple items.

Old Navy is having a temp SALE on all their kids clothes 40% Super fun items.!