31 August 2011

10 rules, its a fast read.

I just found out I'm related to Thomas Edison:
He says: There is always a better way.
Some of you know

I move away from 
Ogden Proper
Weber County

one of my going away/birthday presents 
was a book from Rachel LeNeve Artistry.

She knows the way to my heart is 

high end fake eye lashes and spiritual power.


And so it came to pass that i just finished:
That ye may 

The back jacket talks about humbling people.

so I am certain she thought it would be perfect for me.

She giggled aloud as she read the back to me.

So I tackled it. and came up with the

Jenny Hansen RULES of prospering,
foreword by the Holy Ghost, I hope. and pray.

1. Find ample time to express yourself to the Lord.
2. We only have one shot here at life, YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF and your creator to use your talents.
3. Remember you have the capacity to grow independently from your own personal experience, and its kind of a right, passage and responsibility.
4. action is always, always better than thinking about action.
5. Study the life of those that have succeeded in your eyes.
6. Faith is about exceeding boundaries you have set for yourself... I recently got "played" by a guy. and I lived by this. I put my faith OUT THERE!!! then he made the biggest mistake of his life..hehe.. seriously, having faith gives you the ability to make choices and place yourselves in positions that are GOOD..even if the outcome isn't ideal.. growth comes.
7. We need resistance to get stronger.
8. If we don't push ourselves, how can we feel God pushing us or helping us?
9. THERE IS SUCH A THING AS ROUTINE BLESSINGS.. D&C says so..i.e. Heavenly Father
10. Focus on what makes you look good to Heavenly Father and not to any one else.

This has been a special broadcast from Cos Cob, CT
(stepping off Soap box)

Jenfolio, the artist formally as Jenny, who was formally know as J.lee who was formally known as Jennifer,
who will also be "sister hansen" 


Taylor Morgan said...

wow. I seriously think I am going to be a creeper and print your list out. It's so amazing and almost brought me to tears. I love your spirit. Thanks for sharing!