01 September 2011

10 nuggets, another fast read.

So remember those adapted Jenny Hansen Rules... 
i have some more,
 but I don't want to feel like a restricting mother, 
so I would like to share 
10 new nuggets with you.
They don't have to be rules.
unless you need them to be.
Nuggets of Knowledge for September.
  1. One decision is actually a compilation of a series of decisions. we do not wake up one day and say: How did I get here? (there is evidence of a path)
  2. Abundance can be created. And the more we create of it, the more we have to share of it. Imagine creating abundance just enough to not share it. It almost doesn’t make sense.
  3. Remember the happiest time in your life...emulate the characteristics you used at that same time.
  4. We need to commit to learn more about ourselves, the good, but especially the bad. Recognizing the bad, allows us to filter and change and come closer to who we need to become.
  5. Pay attention to who you naturally attract and pay attention to who is attracted to you. Natural is always better. I promise you. Its stronger, it lasts longer, its based on more substance and more importantly, in a way, its something uncontrollably good.
  6. What decisions in your life would change if you knew your primary responsibility is to benefit others?
  7. Hard times are actually a foretaste of enhancers of success. The hard times make us love the success more. I know you must be thanking all those lousy ex-boyfriends, now that you have the best husband ever!
  8. Reflect on the day and be willing to answer: How did I improve today?
  9. Think of sacrifices as exchanges, and vice versa. 
  10. earlier equals greater. always.
10.1. Remember inner-direction has less road construction. Listen to yourself.
10.2. Your best self will make mistakes... We gotta get the bad out somehow!