05 September 2011

running thoughts.

That ye may prosper part three
1.“ The right way is to give one’s attention first to
 the highest good of the young,
just as you expect a good gardener to give 
his attention first to the young plants,
and after that to the others.” 
-Socrates, 470-399 BC 
It seems we visually and even mentally go after 
the most fruit bearing tree to
feed ourselves. Do we ever
 just eat to live 
and follow Socrates words.
How much of us would change as we thought the way a gardener does?
  1. It’s important to be self directed. Why? Well when you have made decisions from the inside first, you are less likely to shift that choice and give heed to outside voices, that may not have the same priority as you do. If you established a set of boundaries for ourselves within which we plan to live of lives, and how will you will not live your life, I think your level of happiness through out life..will be exactly that.. yours.
  2. Running and exercise is good for your body. It’s important that you schedule it in. The exact same with prayer. When you are done praying or accomplish a workout, you are always pleased by the process or the product.
  3. I promise that your life may not always be good and happy and perfect, but I can tell you that living a personal worthy life will protect you from oppression of fear and terror. Bad things happen to good people all the time. But you will have the courage to establish this protection through your thoughts and your actions.
  4. Our attitudes will always need to be rejuvenated and refined, this is also always within  reach. As we live right, it seems the world will conspire to our benefit.
  5. Faith requires that I go first. First to my knees. First to those in need before myself. First enables the Lord to bestow additional blessings to us. The ability of first, to give back first, seems to be a prerequisite to my happiness, my choices and my success. First sounds like thirst...interesting. 
  6. Once we commit to a higher standard and living, in anything that we do, it requires the work but the product will match it. Some of your best days will come when your choices, and your commit line up. Thomas Edison, my 6th cousin, 6 times removed said: “I never failed once. I invented the light bulb. It just happened to be a 2,000-step process.” He teaches us to find your passions, identify an objective, always work at it, and most importantly, stick at it, exercise that bucket of patience you have been building up.
  7. Partake in life and leave something behind.
  8. Hearing about something and actually having it are two completely different things.
  9. The most empowering thing I have done in my life was identifying a weakness. My world opened up and I understand myself so much better, I got to know this weakness, Yes, I work on one at a time. As I focused on this particular weakness and made small steps, something interesting happened. Some of my strengths got stronger and my weakness became easier to overcome. I still choice to live with alot of them, but now, I know what they are and how they affect my decisions and my daily life. The choices I make to work on them, result in my results, when I’m off course, I change direction, but only a little, because I have a great destination in mind. 
  10. Share what you learn. you will 1. remember it better 2. enrich others lives.