21 June 2009

Whimsical headbands for sale


For sale through email and facebook

13 June 2009

mobile upload

These are cell phone photos I took yesterday.

My cell phone was free, so I'm surprised more and more everyday.

It easy to buy a high tech camera and get amazing shots but when you don't even have a point and shoot....

The trueness of myself is apparent and to be honest, I'm pleased

I'm getting this painted antique look and I'm liking it as well.

09 June 2009

What's on your plate?

Because I always take pictures, Facebook seems to win over blogger and for some reason it is so much faster to upload photos on facebook versus Blogspot. That is why I have over 100 albums on Facebook. It just happens. That is my excuse for not blogging as much!

Onward and Upward

Well the summer is here and I have put too much on my plate this summer.

The main portion of my plate

For those of you who know me, you are very familiar with the fact that I don't delight in huge pieces of red meat, in fact in many cases I feel life without it would be okay. Or at least in extreme moderation.
(I am the only person in my family that feels this way)
Thank you Tempe, Arizona for that one.
There is tons of protein in red meat, maybe that is why people eat it. Anyhow the main portion on my plate this summer is selling my house. There has been so much biting off and chewing events that comes with buying a home. yeah it is great with the spice, the sauce, however for me, I am all about the veggies so this house business was just okay.
It is both a happy and saddening event. I bought it in October,

I beautified the space and some point or another the chips weren't added up.

Honestly my main reason to buy a home was

to fit all my clothes in one closet and to decorate.
For most people that is there last reason.
I have lived and learned and I have had to train myself : "JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN AFFORD, DOESN'T MEAN YOU NEED IT."
As I began to think further ahead in life, owning a home at this point did not make sense. So I made the necessary steps to sell it when a happy buyer walked into my life.

Here is the happy couple! Okay just kidding. That is my lovely sister Marci and My brother Trevor.

Trevor has his own business and it seems my little home will be his first home too.

Who would have thought it would be so difficult to let go of?

I guess that is something to be said about creation and the emotions involved in beautifying anything.

A little bit of dessert

I always eat too much candy!

Side Dish
Asparagus in mass quantity

My asparagus this summer is being a EFY counselor, however I have signed up for many sessions in hope to rekindle some type of happiness I had while I was a missionary in AZ. I love asparagus but sometimes in my life I filled my taste buds with other items my mind deems are good for me, but the fact always play out, nothing is like greens from the earth.

Fresh Fruit
I need it everyday

The fruit in my life would represent the simple things that nourish us daily. I think work is a huge one. Working on something everyday is a great way to taste the sweetness of the earth.

Off the road of Broadway in Tempe, a man lived with his wife. He taught me this:

I slept and dreamt that life was joy.
I awoke to find that life is duty.
I worked and behold duty is Joy.

I hope I can satisfy my hunger for life this summer and go back for seconds early and often,,,in moderation of course

Brought to you by one committed to living her life backwards.

07 June 2009

06 June 2009

04 June 2009

When slumber becomes revelatory

03 June 2009

This is not a joke.