19 July 2009

Six Days



1. No purchases of new outerwear, clothes, shoes, or accessories EXCEPT:
--undergarments/ underpinnings
-- socks
-- stockings/ tights
2. Particular items cannot be requested as gifts nor can I direct anyone to purchase a wardrobe item for me.
3. Gifts and freebies can be accepted and kept.
4. There can be no exchanging of the gift or freebie, unless it is the wrong size or damaged.
5. Hand-me-downs should not be accepted unless they are framed as a gift.
6. All wardrobe items can be repaired, hemmed, dyed, or otherwise altered to provide variety.
7. Special occasions will not warrant a new outfit, unless I am requested as a bridesmaid and need to purchase a dress.
8. Should a wardrobe staple such as a white tank top or t-shirt become stained or damaged, it can be replaced. This only goes for necessities.
9. New clothing may be purchased if a situation arises where I cannot get home to access the things in my closet. This only includes extreme predicaments such as: if my luggage gets lost or delayed while traveling or my shirt gets thrown up on while riding the subway to work-- both of which, I sincerely hope, never occur.
10. Borrowing items from other people is permitted. Permanently expanding my wardrobe is not.