12 September 2010

You know when you wait for something for a very long time...

Sometimes we call that patience.

Sometimes we call that pain and suffering.

Rarely do we call it the "right thing"

This photo is about the right things in life.

I had the blessed opportunity to teach this gorgeous girl

as I labored as a full time missionary for

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

We would study: words, phrases, meaning and most importantly

how we felt.

This photo is also about feeling.

Not so much, the type of feeling that can have a

collective touch on an audience of photograph viewers,

but a feeling that speaks to the very people who live inside this image.

There wasn't alot of posing in this photo session, mostly because that

isn't who these two are.

They are really this beautiful.

They are really this great.

And they are really this real.

And for this, I am grateful to celebrate their Brand new colony together.

The colony they have planned and worked out for the past three years.

I doubt not their successes and their goals.

I know they love beyond the world's capacity to know and feel.