15 January 2012

My Dad, do you know him?

I don't know how it happened,

but my parents made a very good choice

when they made the decision to co-exist together.

They brought 8 children into the world.

There came with that alot of laughter and joy.

We all fell in love with each other as we fought 

out our battles on our sides of the room.

When it came time to discipline each of us,

it was done differently.

You could have spanked me all day and I would 

have repeated my offenses.

Years later my parents example has continued to bless my life..

but more than that...

I think about my father.

He is so grand.

He taught me something very unique over 

Christmas break.

He is fair with all of his 8 children,

however he does not treat them all the same.

I think this is also a characteristic of the nature of God.

In his knowledge, He knows what is best for us,

he tailors experiences for our benefit,

and because we are all different, 

no one situation will be the same.

My father is the same with me.

He deals with me fairly

yet his approach and method is 

different because I'm Jenny.

And I'm so grateful for this lesson.

To understand fairness is to know the difference 

between something being tailored to our needs and 

the random auto answer.

Thanks Dad, for knowing my potential before I realized it and for the patience for me to realize it
on my own. love you.